At the stroke of midnight

At the stroke of midnight,
my eyes light up, awaiting the magic.

Usually, nothing happens. Nothing at all,
and the city is silent. Silenty asleep
when I am awake and counting down.

It’s no New Years or Christmas,
It’s not even a birthday.

It’s just the eve of possibility and a
window of opportunity. I just need to slice it open
and step through to the other side, dressed in brilliant white.

I think that if I die,
I should like to die
at the stroke of midnight.

14 thoughts on “At the stroke of midnight

      • You can give them to me whenever you are ready. I have posts prepared all the way until March 2013 already. No rush but if you have them, I will schedule them. Additionally if you wish to schedule the post that you will promote them with, I can send you the graphic. This time I would want you to use the graphic I make (smile).

      • Of course, send me the graphic!! E-mail it to me whenever you get a chance πŸ™‚ Also email me the Meme questions? I’d like to participate.

  1. wonder if you’re still up? I didn’t want to text cuz it’s kinda late (if you are, can we IM on skype?)
    I wonder if you’re right. I’ve never felt the city ever slowed down enough to be that silent haha if it does that may be a little creepy though. If it ever becomes that silent and isolated..
    and then going into death afterwards. Creepy!

  2. If, after or really …….

    The action or the course
    Makes it worse and worse,
    Like or unlike, there’s no link to push,
    White gown was not ready for a rush,
    All I feel is the ring of your hush…..!!!!!!!

    Life is not filled with aromas, as the path towards HIM,
    The shining stars were never felt dim,
    Two seconds before I felt all frozen,
    Oh no, its good that I got nothing broken….!!

    Guess what ……. Its my alarm on REVENGE….!!!

    – Hey, I liked urs, thought of commenting….cheerz

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