Tired but Accomplished

ENDING THE DRAFT  – This one is pretty pointless since it took place a while ago. Maybe a few weeks ago?

“I basically wrote two papers last night. One was an eight page paper on Charles Reznikoff. You saw the poetic tidbits I posted 2 days ago? I ended up writing my entire paper on just the Reznikoff poem.

You heard me right. It’s a 4 line poem. I spun it into an 8 page paper.

After that, I had another 8 page draft due for my Philosophy class today. It was 1:30AM by the time I finished my Reznikoff paper and there was no way I was writing 8 more quality pages, getting any sleep before my 11AM class, and giving my eyes a break from wearing contacts. I did all of the readings for the philosophy lecture tomorrow though since that’s what I plan on writing my paper. Aristotle ftw.

I don’t see the need in pouring my heart and soul into researching these 8 pages when people are presenting the text in class tomorrow and we’re spending 3 hours of class discussion. I’ll end up changing everything I say anyway.

So here is/was my plan:

I’m going to begin my Aristotle draft by fleshing out a good outline. Then I’ll write however many pages I can get done by 3:30AM. That’ll give me 6 hours to soak my contacts + sleep. Fun fun. I’m writing this at 1:30, so that means I’m allotting myself 3 hours of working on this Aristotle paper. I’m honestly just focusing on the outline first though, that’s more important so when I get her critique, I’ll know if I have a solid plan or not. The final paper will be due two Thursdays from now, on March 10. I got tiem. Obviously, this is a “pre-written” post. I’ve written everything now, at 1:30, but I’ll publish this post before I go to sleep. Yep yep.”

^ Yeah that was my life during finals week. Yippee.

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