Sometimes, I wish somebody would just UNDERSTAND me without me having to put it in words all the time. 

I move out of my apartment in around a week now; parents are hauling everything back home with me on the 28th. Maybe that’s what has me so stressed and melodramatic, but lately, I’ve noticed that I seem to be in a bad mood more often than a good mood. 

I’m reverting to this stupid insomnia business again and sleeping all day and I feel so unmotivated and I’m just so unhappy. I get it, I’m not the only single person in the world, but right now, I just want comforttttt.

I miss it when I can’t see my closest friends often enough. That adjustment period where you go from seeing friends every single day minus some weekends to seeing them a few times a year. I never got over that. I just freaking MISS them.

And relationship problems. I just feel like I’m losing all my strong friendships. The bonds are weakening. It’s like I’ll talk to somebody and she’ll be like “Oh, I didn’t tell you that?” because she assumes I knew but I didn’t, because she didn’t actually tell me because we don’t actually talk like we used to anymore.

I just don’t know anymore. Right now, I just want somebody to look me in the eye and tell me they understand and mean it and then I want a hug from a comfortable person of the opposite sex. And I also don’t want to go home but hey, doesn’t look like anybody’s listening to me make wishes so…



8 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. Hoping the didn’t tell/assuming isn’t a stab at me XD aren’t your parents doing things a lil early? wait.. what happens then? i’m confused cuz i thought we were going to do stuffs on the 28th. email pleasee?

    you should go out more and have a couple dates. by the way i got your message, my phone doesn’t get service half the time though so I couldn’t really call back or anything but thank you for the motivation haha! i’m going home really soon. if ur on and see this u can call me before 11:20.. my phone is on low battery but maybe can talk a lil bit 🙂

    • Nope not at you! Just in generallll.
      YEAH that’s what I mean they just called me and they’re like OKAY WE OUT ON THE 28TH and I’m like…but what about my plans and they’re like oh right, we don’t care.skdf blargh.

      We can still hang out though. I do need to e-mail you to figure out when though.

      Aw darn its already 12:30, I suppose I can’t call but I’ll send you an email laterrrr.

  2. A virtual hug to you Pry. Long and comfortable. I hope even though I know it won’t, afford a little comfort. You deserve it. Oh and by the way, welcome to adulthood. The good thing, you will keep some of those weakening bonds as they get stronger and as you lose friends along the way, you will also gain new ones. It’s just life and I do understand.

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