The Rose K Lens

That’s what I need to find! I need the Rose K Lens for Keratoconic patients. My specialist dude who I went to today says that for him to place an order, he will charge $200/lens. So that would be $400 for a pair. That is a lot of money for two very little lenses 😦

I’ve taken matters into my hands, with ordering through my specialist as backup. I begged a prescription off of him after signing a waiver, and he told me I’m going to come running back to him in a day. I probably will, but until then, I want to give this a shot for myself.

I checked the ROSE K WEBSITE for local distrubutors, and he’s right….only one lab in New York distributes them. They shall get a call from me tomorrow. There’s another company in Pennsylvania so I might call them as well. I figure if I cut out the middleman, I should be able to get them cheaper than the $400 quote my specialist has given me!

Seee all of this is only an issue because my eye insurance doesn’t kick in until July 1st of this year. Unfortunately, I am quite literally living severely disabled/near blind until I can get these contacts and/or glasses (Although they don’t really help with any vision acuity, but something is better than nothing) and I don’t think I would be able to live another month. Not to mention I wanted to paticipate in Camp NaNoWriMo in June, and that will prove pretty hard to do if I cannot see and interact with my cabinmates and read their work and all. I don’t know what to say. Life sucks right now, it really does.

Look at this awesome diagram of a Rose K lens. That thing that looks totally like a nipple is supposed to represent a patient’s keratoconic eye. Remember, the cornea, rather than being smooth and round, is asymmetrical, bumpy, and conically shaped, with severely keratoconic patients having a cornea that visibly protrudes outwards. How icky right? Thankfully, mine is considered mild in the grand scheme of things! Thank god, or else I would have had to investigate some of the more invasive surgical procedures….those all have post-operation recovery times of 3-5 years 😦 I’M TOO YOUNG!


Enlghtening. Scary. I need myself these lenses. Or at least one. For my left eye. AHHHHH.

4 thoughts on “The Rose K Lens

  1. What if you opted for glasses instead and then get the contacts after July 1st? Aren’t glasses usually ~$300?

    • Yeah but I’d need to go to a doctor and pay ~$100 to get my prescription. Anyway I’m going to update but today marked some progress in my emergency situation

  2. ack this is really shaping up to be a challenge! but still, let’s not freak. you’ll find a way, you have to! btw, i love how you said “my specialist dude” that’s awesome 😆

    • Thank you!!! 🙂 I had (yet) another eye appointment today and there’s finally some good news! I’m writing up a post about it soon. First I need to do some cleaning!

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