Community Network Meme 2012 – Participant

Hello again! 2 posts in one day, you all are truly blessed 😉

I wanted to post about another LOVELY initiative that Tom Baker is running from his blog 🙂 It is the Community Network Meme for July 2012! It is like a flash mob, but online, in that it constructs a blog post that many bloggers will post at the same time. Basically, the meme is a set of questions that the participant will compose answers to prior to the day the meme is put up.

Then, at the same time, on July 1st, at 12:01 AM EDT, all of these bloggers will put up a post with their answers.

If you would like to participate in the Meme with me and all of the others who have signed up, please visit Tom Baker’s original post about the Community Network Meme and promptly request that he e-mail you the set of questions.

Be mindful to pre-schedule the post for the specified time, as we are trying to avoid random bloggers from posting ahead and ruining our meme! If you want to participate, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU THE LIST OF QUESTIONS. You must contact Tom for it 🙂

As specified in the rules, I am posting the details about participation directly from his blog.


La dee da. Here are the rules though. Taken from his page. Please post them in their entirety on your own blog once you are a participant!

Community Network Rules of Participation

(a) You must agree not to post your answers until everyone else does.

(b) You must agree that you will visit at least five blog links that you have never visited before and leave a comment on their responses. You are also encouraged to visit them all.

c) You must answer each of the twenty questions and do so with more than a simple yes or no response. You can be as funny as you want with your responses but you cannot avoid answering the question.

(d) You must post the entire Master Meme Blog List of blogs participating, regardless of how long the list may grow to be, below your answered questions.

(e) You must title your post the same as everyone else, “Community Network Meme 2012″.


(f) You must direct all interested parties to Morning Erection’s Contact Page to get the questions. You may not give them a copy of yours. Remember, we are trying to avoid Sunday Stealing from stealing and posting before we do. In December 2011 I shared the questions with them and they posted the meme the following Saturday for their band of merry thieves.

(g) You must promote the Community Network Meme at least once on Facebook or some other form of social media, even if it is just your own blog to get more bloggers to participate. Provide the link back to this original post so they can post this in its entirety on their blogs, just like we do.

(h) When bloggers visit your post on the day of the meme and leave comments you are obligated to reply to each and every one on the day of the meme and at least for one day after. If you don’t like to reply to comments after those two days, feel free not to.

(i) If you would like to participate and write the post in your language and not English, feel free to translate it or you could post both translations.

(j) Make sure to either vote for or like the post appropriately if the blogger is using the WordPress platform.

(k) You must use the designed graphic on your meme post (the above graphic is not the official graphic for the July meme). (On that note, I think I’m using the official graphic now, but I will update my blog if this is not the case)


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