Without Fear, Favor, or Sympathy

Today was my last day of Jury Duty! Unfortunately for me, because I was an alternate juror, I was not a part of the final jury that is deliberating today and tomorrow (and however long it takes thereafter to reach a unanimous decision). The other alternates and I were dismissed today and thanked by both attorneys.

The Honorable Judge even remembered where I study! Before I left his court for the last time, he calls out “Oh and Alternate 3, good luck at NYU”

I blushed. So awesome that he remembered!

After that we got to briefly meet both the defense and prosecution attorneys, and that was really amazing. What I found disconcerting (but cool) was the rapport they had with one another out of the courtroom. Not only cordial, they were swapping stories, laughing, and at ease with one another. I don’t know if the reason is that she has defended many people against the ADA who was prosecuting the case or what, but you would have thought them a pair of friends if you saw them outside of the courtroom.

To me, that’s crazy. All personal emotions and relationships need to be left outside of the courtroom, but no matter how competitive the case gets, they are able to look one another in the eye with no hatred afterwards. No resentment.

I wonder if someday in the future, I’ll discover the secret of how I can do that.

I totally wrote this post up on June 27, but never got around to posting it. Better late than never!

I do not know if and when the frequency of blog posts on my blog will become faster. I’m in a real writing rut right now, and haven’t been doing much graphic design either.

I expect no fear, favor, or sympathy from my readers either. I’m still around though, so don’t give up on me just yet!

2 thoughts on “Without Fear, Favor, or Sympathy

  1. I’ll never give up! But I hope you blog more soon. And I hope I know just the thing to fix it…i.e. check out my blog and read the pass protected post ahaha~
    Glad that jury duty went ok! You’ll be an awesome lawyer too 😀

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