Diary of an Insecure Girl

Somebody come cuddle me. I really really want to. I promise I’m comfortable. I promise I’m good enough if you’ll just let me try to show you.

Please, don’t run away. I said NO, please don’t run away. DON’T!

Am I coming on too strong? Should I suppress my desire and let you think we play the game of cat and mouse just a little longer? I’m not that easy, am I? Or am I too hard to get that you’ve given up?

What did I do wrong? Is it something I said? Did I text you too often, or not enough?

Am I busy? Unavailable?

Am I sending out the wrong vibe? What happened after our third date?

NO don’t tell me you’ll call me, you may as well tell me you’ll break my heart. Where is the passion in your eyes that inflamed our bodies the first time we met?

We spent hours together, just talking. Didn’t that mean something to you?

I’M TELLING YOU, I CAN DO BETTER. Just tell me what you want, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything, just don’t leave.

Please, please please I’m begging you please don’t leave.

Don’t leave because if you do I’ll be all alone at night and I really liked it when we cuddled that night. Remember that night? Please don’t go, think back to that night it was real.

It was real I was real we were real it was all real DIDN’T IT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?

Why are you still walking away?

Is it true?

Do I mean nothing?


7 thoughts on “Diary of an Insecure Girl

  1. I love this. It’s amazing how people may feel this way when they want to be loved and it’s really sad (even though this is blogging and not autobiographical) that someone may actually feel this way!

    This reminds me of my friend whose husband left her when she was in hospital having their third child (don’t get me started!) Whenever we would go out she would become a mess if he was there. I really wanted her to pull herself together (for herself and her kids) and eventually convinced her to ‘get the look of self-love’. This meant she had to cuddle herself and look in the mirror every day and tell herself how wonderful she was. It eventually worked. He wanted her back! But it was too late (thank god!) because she knew she was far better off and happier without him 🙂

    • Wow this sounds like a wonderful and inspirational idea…I wish more of the women in this position knew about this and how self-healing it would be to their fragile and shattering egos. Good for your friend for not walking back into a bad thing…that takes much more courage than taking him back. Thank you so much for the comment ❤

  2. can you please tell the insecure girl that she does not need anybody else to feel secure because she is a beautiful person? thanks 🙂

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