Good morning!

I’m sitting here awake at nearly 5 in the morning, and thought it would be a good time to write up a post!

I have so many sitting in my Drafts folder, but I never really know what to say here anymore. I’m going to touch base with the roots of Controlled Derangement and talk about my thoughts.

That’s what this site is supposed to be. My little personal internet haven where I am allowed to be as bitchy and whiny as I want because I have nobody to answer to but myself. Readers are warned now – this blog has always been a personal one. A no holes barred one. Just keep that in mind.

A lot has been going on these past few weeks of summer, and too much of it has been related to non-academics. My nail polish collection has grown into an addiction. A full blown one where I have around 400 nail polishes now and asked for a proper ALEX drawer unit as a birthday present. In fact, daddy just finished setting it up tonight, at around 1AM.

Here are some pictures of the whole process!

As you can see, I initially had the lighting settings all wrong and everything is all yellow! But here’s a closer view of the finished ALEX drawer unit –

I need to re-house my entire nail polish collection, which is currently stored in shoeboxes and then stuffed into a large under-the-bed clear plastic container.

And because I’m in a picture-spamming kind of mood, here are pictures of my LATEST acquisitions! Just for funzies. IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF MY NAIL POLISH INSANITY, PLEASE FOLLOW MY NAIL-POLISH-ONLY PAGE BY CLICKING HERE!

I’m not kidding, I’m going crazy. You can see that when I start something, I go hard. When I started writing, I just wanted to tell you guys about all the fun stuff going on in my life. I ended up blogging about nail polish. I really and truly enjoy everything about it. Applying polish while watching TV or reading has become one of my favorite pastimes. It’s relaxing, it’s creative, and I really, REALLY love it.

I’ve even started working on some craftier projects, trying to incorporate nail polish when I can. You’ll see more of those projects when I’ve completed them, as some of them are to be gifts and I don’t want to spoil any surprises!

Other than that, I have been fretting about birthday presents recently as well. I have two ultra-big projects to finish so that I can give Nabila and Christine their gifts on time!! It’s really difficult preparing a present for somebody when they’re so secretive about wanting something! Seriously -.-

One last thing I wanted to say though, before I go back to bed and try to sleep. Okay fine, two things.

Tomorrow, I’m going TO AN ARCHERY RANGE with Christine and other friends. I totally haven’t finished her present yet so all I’m doing is gifting her a card for now and bringing her present over to her on August 1st since we’re both working on campus. I’m really excited for this though!!

Then, on Monday AKA MY 21ST BIRTHDAYI’ll be attending a NAIL POLISH MEETUP hosted by blogger and nail polish creator Maria of Cult Nails.

Alright really now, I need to rest up before I head to go shoot some bow and arrow and kick butt tomorrow. Pray that I don’t hurt somebody else (or myself) tomorrow!!


2 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. YAY! finally, I’ve been checking your blog every single day! XD But no seriously I have. I miss your updates!

    Your dad is sooo sweet staying up and making you the drawers! It looks like it was much needed! It’s so awesome you found a hobby you love 🙂 Your basement’s gonna look like a nail salon 🙂

    So cool a meetup!! MAKE LOTSA FRIENDS!!! 😀

    • I’m sorry I’ve been late with the updates 😦 Life has just not been chancing me with as many opportunities as I’d like to be online! My basement’s going to look like an awesome nail salon, you’re right. But so far, the only customers I have are the non-paying kind – Friends and relatives LOL

      Yeah it was sweet of him to buy me a drawer 🙂

      I’ll try to update more but ditto for you – you barely update yourself nowadays.

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