My LSAT is on October 6! After that I will be blogging properly again!!!! I’m very excited to give myself some free time again. The nail polish world that was a temporary distraction is going to be less of a distraction from now on.

Let’s just say that I dove into my new addiction with joyful abandon and managed to learn some harsh new lessoons along the way. And reaffirm some that I should have known already. There’s really no way to avoid drama in a facebook group full of women. It’s inevitable, and I just ragequit a few of these groups (Nail polish related, of course) yesterday in a moment of anger and clarity.

Any group where both administrators are unable to step back from potential conflict and defuse a situation do not deserve their title. That goes as a general rule, I’m not even talking specifics right now. But that crowd has such a [lynch] mob mentality that I’m mostly glad that they became hostile the past week. Over what? Even I don’t know, nobody actually told me anything was wrong and both administrators ignored my private messages (Even more of a reaffirmation to RUN THE HELL AWAY in the other direction)

I refuse to take it quietly and timidly and let them poke fun at my every comment for NO good reason except that they can and they know that the hive will follow whatever the queen bees desire.

I’m out. I don’t listen to any queen bees NOR do I have a hive mind.

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on nail polish. Just on the online means of communicating with other polish lovers on Facebook. I’ll meet people through blogging or at events and in real life, but the nail polish world would make a fascinating reality show/drama, and I just don’t want to star in it. That shit cray.

No really. That shit cray. Observe –

James Brown – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

This is such a touching song. I watched a performance to it on SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) to it and the song itself is one that can really touch you. If I was feeling sad, this song would make me cry. As it is, I shudder every time it plays because it just has some sort of strange, mysterious, seductive pull to it.

Bared to You

I saw a review of this book on a blog I will link to when I’m next on my computer (I’m posting this from my phone)!!

This is a response to Fifty Shades of Grey type book. I’ve read that trilogy so I figured I should read this too, plus its set in Manhattan.

The point though, of this post, is to share what I think is an AWESOME phenomenon that occurs to us New Yorkers after a time.

Below are Sylvia Day’s words, not mine 🙂 But they are apt, and I find myself wishing for the romance of steaming potholes again. To be so naive!

“Real New Yorkers cruised right through it all, their love for the city as comfortable and familiar as a favorite pair of shoes. They didn’t view the steam billowing from potholes and vents in the sidewalks with romantic delight and they didn’t blink an eye when the ground vibrated beneath their feet as the subway roared by below, while I grinned like an idiot and flexed my toes. New York was a brand new love affair for me. I was starry-eyed and it showed.

Isn’t this just a lovely little piece to read? The book isn’t about that in the end, I don’t think, but it is still a beautiful passage. It makes me nostalgic, because it is difficult to remember the last time I viewed my city with such reverence.

Fresh paint on the walls

Wow, what an upheaval this house has gone through the past few weeks. As if there wasn’t enough stressful things already going on in my life, we decided (And by we, I mean mom and dad) that it was the right time to get to work on a renovation project they’d been planning and postponing ALL SUMMER. So the week school is starting, we have construction going on in the basement. They pull out the old oil boiler and we’ve converted to gas now.

Then we knocked down a wall and extended the boiler room out an additional 5-7 feet and moved the entrance to the boiler room over to the side instead of where the original door was.

That little ex boiler room is now MY room!


I think I’m allergic to it. I’ve had severely red, irritated, and itchy eyes when I’m in this room. I’m not sure what’s going on 😦 Maybe it’s just the sawdust that I’m sure is still all over the basement?

But isn’t it all adorable and tiny? I mean as far as places to crash at night go, this one’s pretty darn cute. I still have the rest of the basement for my bookshelves, computer desk, etc…but at least now my bed is in a more private location rather than me sleeping ona (albeit comfortable) sofa bed every night as a guest in my own home.

So definitely better than that 🙂

Good night ❤


There are few dates that my generation cares to remember. September 11, 2001 is one of those dates. It will never be forgotten.

Please take some time today and think about the tragedies. Reflect on the miserable existence of humankind and if you think it will help, pray that tortured souls on the brink of the extreme may find solace and balance.

It is not fair that two defining landmarks of MY city were destroyed that morning. It is not fair that so many lives were lost, so many firefighters sacrificed, and so many families victimized by these brutal acts.

It was a sad day, no doubt. As were other iconic moments of staggering loss to our nation. It is a date among many other disgusting ones. Pearl Harbor, the Mumbai Bombings, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, Americans have given worse than they’ve got (nuclear bombings being my case in point) but that doesn’t diminish the fact that lives were lost then and now. And that is a sad fact of human existence that I don’t think we’ll ever be able to eradicate. We’re not capable of being as accomodating as we would need to be to prevent these acts of mass destruction and stop these thoughts from entering into the minds of our world’s citizens.

Studying American history, literature, and politics has already convinced me beyond a reasonable doubt that we really SUCK. Both as a race and as a peoples. So tomorrow, I will be extra mope-y and mad that I share 99.0% of my DNA with all of these people in the world who do bad things. Hell, I probably do bad things.

So you see?

We suck.

HW – Week 2

Social Choice & Politics
[ ] Tuesday: Individual Preferences and Rationality; Analyzing Politics, chapter 2
[ ] Thursday: Voting Rules. Social Choice Functions; Analyzing Politics, chapter 7

Human Rights
[X] Tuesday: Human Rights in International Law, Chapter 2 DONE! 9/10 @ 1:30AM
[ ] Thursday: “Not by Bread Alone . . . but not without bread either.”
[ ] Thursday: “The Full-Belly Thesis: Should Economic Rights Take Priority over Civil and Political Rights? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa,”

Literature & The English Language (Thursday)
[ ] Deformance and Interpretation
[ ] Hot-Air Textuality
[ ] The Alice Fallacy
[ ] The End of the Irrelevant Text

Creative Writing Advanced Fiction Workshop
[X] Wednesday: Read + comment on 2 stories from the week

[ ] First DAC General Meeting – Thursday @ 7:30
[ ] Meeting with Professor Gilman – Wednesday @ 2:00

The Truth

The truth is that I have 30 days left now until my LSAT. I do not honestly expect to have very many shreds of free time between now and then 😦

I have started my Advanced Fiction Creative Writing workshop and there’s just something about the environment that really made me miss blogging. In a way I haven’t missed it in AGES.

You won’t believe it, I was doodling bits of prose and poetry just sitting in class and the atmosphere just instantly set me in the right mood.

I am taking this couse with 14 other students under the attention of Susan Minot (Pronounced Mine-it)

Apparently, my creative writing professor is famous. Wikipedia is a prize-winning American novelist and short story writer. She has also co-authored two screenplays! Evening and Stealing Beauty. I only got the idea of Googling her after another English major friend of mine ooh’d and aah’d over Susan Mintot’s name when we were talking classes! She was like “oh my gosh I LOVED Evening” and I was like….”wait you know of her?”

Well isn’t that cool!?!? She has a very tranquil and awesome personality and I really look forward to having the chance to get her critique and commentary on my work!

More on everything later ❤ Just….everything’s being pushed to “later” lately, and time in my life is passing by much too quickly.

It feels like this month will end TOO soon and that means LSAT time and I am SCARED!