Fresh paint on the walls

Wow, what an upheaval this house has gone through the past few weeks. As if there wasn’t enough stressful things already going on in my life, we decided (And by we, I mean mom and dad) that it was the right time to get to work on a renovation project they’d been planning and postponing ALL SUMMER. So the week school is starting, we have construction going on in the basement. They pull out the old oil boiler and we’ve converted to gas now.

Then we knocked down a wall and extended the boiler room out an additional 5-7 feet and moved the entrance to the boiler room over to the side instead of where the original door was.

That little ex boiler room is now MY room!


I think I’m allergic to it. I’ve had severely red, irritated, and itchy eyes when I’m in this room. I’m not sure what’s going on šŸ˜¦ Maybe it’s just the sawdust that I’m sure is still all over the basement?

But isn’t it all adorable and tiny? I mean as far as places to crash at night go, this one’s pretty darn cute. I still have the rest of the basement for my bookshelves, computer desk, etc…but at least now my bed is in a more private location rather than me sleeping ona (albeit comfortable) sofa bed every night as a guest in my own home.

So definitely better than that šŸ™‚

Good night ā¤


4 thoughts on “Fresh paint on the walls

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE! It’s like the rest of the basement is your livingroom! or like you have a whole apartment down there! Looks sooo awesome!! I hope your eyes will be okay, maybe room just needs to be aired out? But looks SO COZY AND CUTEEE.Your parents are awesome šŸ™‚ And actually that’s a really smart idea, adding another bedroom to the house. Gosh love the color šŸ˜€

    • Yayy glad you love the coral! You know I could never have boring white bedroom walls lol. Yeah it’s smart and can be used as an office, guest room, workout room, playroom, IN-HOME THEATER ROOM or w/e. It’s not terribly large but it’ll serve any of those features perfectly fine. So versatile if we ever resell the house

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