My LSAT is on October 6! After that I will be blogging properly again!!!! I’m very excited to give myself some free time again. The nail polish world that was a temporary distraction is going to be less of a distraction from now on.

Let’s just say that I dove into my new addiction with joyful abandon and managed to learn some harsh new lessoons along the way. And reaffirm some that I should have known already. There’s really no way to avoid drama in a facebook group full of women. It’s inevitable, and I just ragequit a few of these groups (Nail polish related, of course) yesterday in a moment of anger and clarity.

Any group where both administrators are unable to step back from potential conflict and defuse a situation do not deserve their title. That goes as a general rule, I’m not even talking specifics right now. But that crowd has such a [lynch] mob mentality that I’m mostly glad that they became hostile the past week. Over what? Even I don’t know, nobody actually told me anything was wrong and both administrators ignored my private messages (Even more of a reaffirmation to RUN THE HELL AWAY in the other direction)

I refuse to take it quietly and timidly and let them poke fun at my every comment for NO good reason except that they can and they know that the hive will follow whatever the queen bees desire.

I’m out. I don’t listen to any queen bees NOR do I have a hive mind.

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on nail polish. Just on the online means of communicating with other polish lovers on Facebook. I’ll meet people through blogging or at events and in real life, but the nail polish world would make a fascinating reality show/drama, and I just don’t want to star in it. That shit cray.

No really. That shit cray. Observe –

2 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. GOOD LUCK!!! I know it’s coming soon! I tried calling today but got voicemail, I’ll call again later and leave one next time to give you a proper good luck!! :D.

    Woah about the drama. I want to hear more dets about that when you get time.. I know you’re crazy studying now so I can patiently wait until LSAT’s over! But it sounds like they were ostracizing you or something. I really hope I read that wrong because that’s….really mean….:( Better to leave though, I agree. Well hang in there!!

    • They were and then they claimed to have some insider ‘background’ info that was influencing their behavior and when I tried to ask them about it, they just flat out ignored my messages! WORST moderators EVER. My leaving convinced a few other girls to do the same too though, so that’s good to know.

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