Not the best day ever

Boo. Really frustrated 😦

I took my LSAT on October 6, 2012! (I mean, yesterday)

I’m really frustrated though. With the exam…I think I did well, but until I get back a score, I am not thinking anything! I think that I just need a break. But that’ s obviously impossible because now I start the whole process of writing my letter and personal statement and everythinggg.

But that’s not even what this is about, I’m distracted by Big Bang Theory playing on the other half of my screen.

So yeah, I’m frustrtaed, it’s not the best day ever. I just want somebody who cares about me to show it. I feel old and like time is slipping away even though I know it’s technically not.

I just want to get to the net phase of my life already and try to do it all better this time?

2 thoughts on “Not the best day ever

  1. noo i wished you called…everytime i go on skype i never see you :/ yeah just wait for the score!! you prob did better than you think!! yeah there is a lot of stuff ahead but give it your best shot, you can definitely do it!

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