Nicki Minaj Pink Friday CONCERT, Summer 2012

I briefly (and barely) blogged that I attended a private performance (turned full-blown concert) by my FAVORITE FEMALE RAPPER Nicki Minaj this summer. You can look at this blog post if you don’t remember.

Nicki Minaj went through her album, her new singles, and did some oldschool mixtape throwbacks in over 2 hours of singing and performances. And I died and went to heaven when she was joined by my YMCMB obsessions Drake and Lil Wayne, with 2Chainz also there all night to hype the crowd after performing his two singles with Nicki Minaj, Beez in the Trap and I Love Dem Strippers

Here are some pictures and videos from the event 🙂 I had VIP seating on top with a perfect view of the entire stage 🙂 No mosh pit for me.

Need I mention….everything was free? Let’s just say I have an AMAZING boss.

My entrance wristband in white, VIP in green


This was her performing one of her Pink Friday ballads, I think.

I beez in the trap, beez beez in the trap. Nicki ft. 2Chainz

The end 😦 So sad, repeat please

Okay still trying to figure out the best way to upload the videos 🙂 I’ll update with them shortly!


4 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Pink Friday CONCERT, Summer 2012

  1. i can only see the first pic, the other ones just look blank & white to me.. i dont know if it’s just me though. it’s still really cool you went 😀
    hey what have you been up to? didn’t talk to you in ages! call sometime~ahaha
    also when are you gonna read my story? you’re my only reader i need youuu XD

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