Character Building

It’s that weird mid-semester slump where we’ve all finished our round 1 stories and are beginning to brainstorm ideas for our second (and hopefully a little longer, around 20 pages or so) round of stories.

To that effect, this week (for class on Wednesday) our Creative Writing teacher has asked us to pinpoint a weakness that we found in our workshops from our first stories and write a piece focusing on improving that one aspect of our writing.

To be more specific, one of my weaknesses was that I don’t follow the “Show, don’t tell” rule of writing and try to tell my readers what is happening rather than show them. So I’m going to try to write something that avoids that creative writing blunder.

How, I’m not sure, but let’s see how it goes. Nabila, you wanted me to keep you updated, so there you go. Find a specific aspect of your writing you want to improve on, and then write a piece where you try to improve on it. It’d be cool to later blog about how that whole process went for you if you’d like.


8 thoughts on “Character Building

    • Yeahhh I wanted to complete a minor in it at my college but will graduate one class short 😦 Ohwellz, it’s still really fun! If you’d like, you can go through my blog and find all of the prompts

  1. Show don’t tell? You can be very descriptive though so I think you’d be rather good at that! haha the only criticism I would have for your story would be that i kinda just wanna know more about stuff- like more on the marriage customs, what her friends think, and more on her husband’s thoughts..i think i just secretly want it to be a chapter story hahaha that’s not really criticism, i just really like reading your writing haha!

    OK thanks for the heads up! something i can improve on? hm.. see i can rattle off a ton of stuff i’m weak on, but then i’d actually have to try to improve it in a piece so i’m going to be real tactful about this and think first XD

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