Hurricane Sandy

Hi everybody!! The East Coast has been battling Hurricane Sandy (But mostly its aftereffects) this week, and my suburban New Hyde Park, NY is no exception! The MTA shut down Sunday evening in preparation for the storm and my own home lost power Monday just after noon (I think it was between 1 and 2 PM)! With that loss of power, unfortunately, there was also the loss of heat and hot water as our new water heater requires some power to function 😦

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a rather large tree fell across the street in my neighbor’s front yard…while my brother and I were there! (We’re close friends with the family there) In fact, my friend and my brother had been contemplating a quick CVS run to stock up on candy and other noms and were about to step off the front porch when they saw the tree fall and quickly ran backwards JUST in time to avoid being injured!

The tree brought down a lamppost and a lot of power lines, including the ones that run across the street to our house. I know my block still has no power but even if they do restore power to my area, there are a LOT of fallen trees and tangled power lines that need to be fixed before we can have power.

I’m not sure if it was because of that tree or the 2-3 others that fell along my street, but our cable/internet/phone lines seem to have gone down as well so at the moment, my house is in a pretty bad deadzone as far as technology goes. (Oh right, haven’t mentioned yet, but no AT&T coverage in my area right now as well. It’s usually spotty but atm it’s just gone)

Let’s recap – No power, heat, hot water, internet, cable, phone, cell phone, OR LIFE. Argh!

I’m at my Uncle’s home tonight because I wanted to check my LSAT score (They were supposed to release earlier this week, by Wednesday) but got online only to discover that the release has been delayed to tomorrow. Boooo.

But I am taking advantage of the power and internet access to charge my laptop, write blog posts (You’ll see another one up in a few hours, scheduled to be posted in the morning), check my email, and download hw files for next week.

And also email Professors and inquire what’s going on with our syllabus and what exactly is due next week.

Because ahora, yo no se nada!


11 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. WHOA that is pure luck about the tree falling…thank goodness no one was hurt!! wow the hurricane hit really hard on your block..I wonder how long it will take for them to restore power. After hurricane Irene my family didn’t have power for a month so it might be that long.. I sure hope not though, it’s so inconvenient!

      • they just hit harder in other places. But looks like they hit you really hard where it actually hurts 😦 I heard millions are without power..

      • lOL SoPo XD how long is it going to be out?? When is NYU going to be back on? :/ if it’s so bad maybe profs should set up online classes or classes at LI or something……

      • We’re open starting Monday and ran a ton of volunteer opportunities throughout the week as well. Alsoo ConEd restored most of Manhattan’s power from last night through tonight so hopefully all is on its way to being fixed there. Staten Island was hit worst and parts of LI have so many trees/lines down that that’s an even bigger priority than restoring power. Can’t use power if the lines are down

      • I read a news article about it! I heard the commute is REALLY REALLY bad from LI –> city, especially on LIRR. Hope it’s been okay so far today. I hear a nor’easter is headed that way too mid-week so stay safe..

      • Hiii yeah the commute with bus/subway is all good now πŸ™‚ Yeah another storm headed our way but shouldn’t be bad. (omg look at how badly I failed at nanowrimo. I need to get on track)

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