NaNoWriMo & Arranged

This is the last post that you will read in the voice of “Pryanka”, owner of Controlled Derangement, for the month of November!

Want to know why? You’re going to find out right under this line of text so I mean, just stop reading now if you don’t care haha.

~Yep. I am attempting NaNoWriMo 2012~


Novel November is what I always called it until I realized that this was a really super organized event that thousands of authors and wannabes like myself participate in, and that’s REALLY cool! I hope I’ll find a support group I can stress with and rant to and maybe even participate in a write-in with! I’m really excited to begin the whole affair actually.

I’ve scheduled this post to go live at 8AM and it will be followed thereafter by my story.

So here’s the “novel map” I envision in my head
It is based on the fact that many of my creative writing classmates felt that my story read like a blog post

  • My “novel” for this year will be a retake (and major extension) of Arranged. I will use the same people – Dan, Jay, and my unnamed female protagonist, and the story is the same. Arranged marriage is fascinating and I haven’t had my fill!
  • Each day’s update will be a blog post she writes unanimously, to be compiled at the end for a vignette effect to their story. I want to convey their arranged marriage in a more fractured sense to allow for time lapses as they build their relationship with one another.
  • I plan to really hone in on creating Dan’s character because I feel as though I merely name-dropped him into the original Arranged I submitted to the class
  • I will also focus on her dilemma and mixed emotions when she “chooses” to marry Jay, and how that choice was not really one where she could have chosen other options. A lot of people simply didn’t get why she ‘chose’ to marry him if she did have a choice. So some rewording and some more showing of how trapped she was is needed.
  • Hopefully the story will be cohesive enough at the end that I can still pass it off as a novel haha.

You guys will let me know if you think this is going nowhere right? I can always rewrite it more traditionally if you guys think it could benefit from that!

Thank you guyss, I hope you stick around to the end. I am sure that it’ll be tough going but I am determined to get there. 50,000 words by the end of the month. I got this.

At the end of the month, if I am able to complete the challenge and the story, I will make all of the edits I want and then publish this on its own blog  one post at a time (aka schedule them all) so that you guys can all just “live” through the story whenever you want to. I don’t want to actually publish this but letting it live out its own online life through the interwebz will be cool. I just have this awesome experimental idea in my head of this becoming some sort of viral online phenomenon sparking other writers to attempt this style of novelistic writing. Yeahhh, I know it sounds crazy. Blame it on the oodles of coffee I’ve had today.

Cheers to what this month will bring! I hope to keep everybody happily engaged with my story though, so your comments and wishes will really keep me going 😀




11 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo & Arranged

  1. AW last time blogging with your own voice?? but YAY more on Arranged!! Man good luck, that is a huge undertaking. But I’m sure you can do it 🙂 I’m not joining in this time because exams will be heavy this month and then there are finals first week of Dec so I should really be studying all month haha! but write enough for the both of us? XD

    • Just for this month, don’t worry. I’ll write enough for both of us…I have NEVER written so many words for one story before haha, this should really be something. I have a lot on my plate but i haven’t challenged myself in far too long.

      • It’s cool that you’re doing this, seriously. I hope you can balance because I think you’d be really proud of how it’d turn out! I have way too much to balance right now but if I can manage to I’ll try to figure out a way to join, might be fun! We could be novel rivals 🙂

      • well I think friendly competition would be great 🙂 I’d rather do it in the winter but I have to see if I can pencil it in… are there rules posted anywhere?

      • that’s a little hefty. hmmm I do want to get on board with it and have a vague idea but that’s all! Not an entire story map like you

      • I don’t have a huge story map either! I have to take like that little 9 page story and turn it into a NOVEL. That’s like hundreds of pages. Idk how authors do it lol

      • Yeah I was thinking that you were really amazing turning a small story into a novel like that ahha. You can do it though!! I guess the initial story is the story map! haha When I looked at the rules it looked like it was ~130-200 pages? something like that.. I’ve written that much before but it was a parody XD writing something completely original and interesting is somethin’ else!!

      • It was just a fanfiction, it wasn’t even posted anywhere because I wrote that just for fun and my comp crashed so it’s lost forever. I wish it wasn’t lost because it amused me a lot XD I was pretty comedic back then xD

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