This is probably going to go down as the semester I blogged the least 😦 It’s a little bit fitting, because I’m in my last two weeks as an undergraduate at NYU and I’m cramming all the other experiences I possibly can as a college student. An NYU Undergraduates bucket list, if you will?

I blogged about that list before, refresh your memory! I updated it today πŸ™‚

So other than all that, what else have I been up to? I am trying my best not to feel guilty about abandoning this blog. That’s what it feels like….but this semester has just been very rough. I spent the first half frantically cramming last-minute LSAT tips and stressing, and the second half hating my LSAT score, doubting my future, and also stressing. Not very fun, and I doubt I want to fill up my blog with posts of angst and depression and anger.

I have taken to sulking around at home in my pajamas a lot. Also, I have probably spent an unhealthy number of hours on Netflix. In the last month, I have lost 5lbs. So maybe some good is coming out of this? 25lbs to go…

I am 2 papers and 1 final away from graduating for good. Oh my god. It is as though I suffer a new emotional breakdown every single day.

No more dorm parties. No more Digital Arts Club?

DO YOU KNOW…every single week when I am at a DAC meeting I want to cry because I am counting down to my last and that club is my BABY.

How do you just let it go??? I don’t know how Karen (Founder, President last year) did it, but I know that next semester I’m going to have some serious separation issues and I’m going to find it REALLY difficult to let them all do their thing and not attend every meeting and just crash and pretend I still belong.

AHHH. I mean I loveee my eboard to death and I am fully confident they’ll handle it. I just don’t want to imagine what my life will be without the structure that going to college provided for it?

For now…here are my plans – I just want to sort of block out my timeline. To help me keep my sanity.

December 7th – 21st : Finish finals and graduate for realz
24th – January 4 : Off to Jersey. Spend these 11 days finishing law school apps, updating resume, and giving Letter of Rec writers all the info they need. Expect letters of rec by end of the month
January 6 – 12 : Bring the Jersey babies here for the week, and continue applying for Paralegal positions
Remainder of January : Miiight actually live in NJ for the month, catch up with cousins, hang out there, and see how the job hunting goes. Finish all pending law school apps and send them out.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m playing it by ear and it’s so weird to be doing that. I am just not used to this at all.

In other earth-shattering news….I started birth control this month. It took 4 years of considering it and knowing I probably need it to go to the Student Health Center and get a prescription already. That way I’ve got it for a year at least and it’s free so that’s good. I’m only a week in so I don’t actually have anything else to say about this other than yay I can finally count on knowing when I have my period. Good stuff. I have probably grossed out all the male readers that will ever read my blog. Sorry, I’ll stop talkin’ about it now

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  1. hey wanted to tell you that I’ll be home next Fri I believe, and I have family stuff all weekend, but maybe I can see you the day I come back, and sometime after the weekend.. Can you tell me what your schedule is like from the 14th – 21st in more detail?

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