Food Craving: Cheesecake

I am craving cheesecake!!! 😦 

I periodically crave this….and it bothers me sooo much until I get some. I bet when I get pregnant, I’m either going to crave it at ungodly hours or it’ll begin to taste and smell disgusting. Oh please, don’t make cheesecake disgusting, I love it so…

I’m procrastinating on this paper like anything. Like it’s supposed to be 20 pages and I have 1 written. Maybe. FML I need to stop procrastinating and at least outline this before dinner. And try to get a few pages done tonight.

I have found that it’s hardest for me to get a paper started…once I start, I am good.


6 thoughts on “Food Craving: Cheesecake

  1. haha you live a minute from stop&shop! Keep your fridge stocked 😉
    oh and my friend told me you messaged on skype.. yeah she’s using my account to talk to her mom who’s out of the country now. sorry about that, it’s prob just for this week!

    • No worriess…I was going to ask you if you wanted to go to this bazaar in the city with me tomorrow but then my own plans are very up in the air so idk if I’m going anymore. So it doesn’t matta.

      • oh.. that sounded cool though.. i think i might have caught a bit of a cold so i’m going to take it easy.. and i think you should try to finish your papers so you’re done earlier 🙂

      • I’m working on it! Hopefully will be just over a quarter done before I sleep tonight 🙂 Another quarter in the mornin’ before I head out for the afternoon/evening in the city, and then will finish it up Sunday or even Monday. It’s due by Monday @ 5PM but I work 9-6 in the city and it should be pretty dead @ the office so I can go over and edit/fix it up/finish it up then if needed. I got this 🙂

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