Thank you for following!

Hi everybodyyy.
This semester has been sparse, as far as posting on the blog goes. I hope that when I look back, I’ll realize it is because I was so much busier in my reality, trying to do things just one more time with friends before graduation.

This week, at some point (WordPress won’t tell me when!), I got my 100th follower!!

That’s amazing news. That’s just ridiculous.

This blog’s purpose has never been to reach out to an audience – I made it before I started college to communicate with an amazing friend, Nabila, and she is still completely committed to stalking my blog multiple times a day, as you can read from her comment on my last post.

That was all I intended when i made this blog. I wanted to tell her what I did at NYU and I wanted her to write on her blog about her college experience as well – first at St. Johns and then at SUNY Buffalo.

But somehow, somewhere along the way, I made some other amazing blogger friends, discovered people who really took initiative with their blogs, participated in blogger challenges, and gained 100 followers.

I am truly honored and blessed to have you guys here to read my ramblings and occasionally comment with advice when life is starting to sound too tough.

I’ve shared my highs, ranted about my lows. I’ve bitched and moaned, written sappy letters to myself, and all sorts of creative but crazy things in between. And in all these years, having people read my blog has helped me infinitely.

So even though it hadn’t been my intent to share this diary with the world, that’s what happened, and I’m okay with it.

I just wanted to self-celebrate, once more, that I’ve got so many followers subscribed to my blog 😀 NOW IF MORE OF YOU COULD COMMENT…. ❤


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