New Blogging Project?

Hi guys! I have been very lacking in sticking through with projects and ideas lately. I know.

I need to find some sort of a daily blog project starting February 1st. To occupy myself, to open myself up to my readers, and to make my blog at least remotely interesting again!

If you have suggestions and links to other blog projects you’ve done, please post a comment 🙂 

Projects I’ve done in the past are linked on the right sidebar – I did Project Theme, Poetry Paradise, and 30 Days of Blogging Honesty. 

Give me ideas! And if you want to do a project with me, we should collaborate and promote something slightly bigger! Blogging Honesty was great because I learned so much about other bloggers along with exposed myself to them and made new friends. I want something like that again. Are there any projects going on? PUT ME IN THE KNOW!


2 thoughts on “New Blogging Project?

  1. Are we still on for that writing challenge you found? By the way I evened out your comments, it’s just my avatar on it now. You’re welcome XDDD

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