Going Healthy – Week One

Hey guys πŸ™‚ Just a quicky update for what I’ve done this week to try to be a more healthy and active person.
Seriously, I was turning into a complete couch potato and I hated it!

I went to the gym 3x last week (Not as many as I would have liked, but not bad for week one)

What I did at the gym this week –

  1. Zumba + Yoga classes (Zumba 2x, Yoga 1x) – Each session is 45 minutes long and I like to start off my workout with one or the other in the morning. They lead you into warm-ups and stretches and this helps me get in the workout zone
  2. Crossramp – (One of these things) – I have NO stamina, seriously. So I try to run a mile on it every day I work out. Can’t do more and am panting like a pathetic dog by the end of it
  3. Crunches – Abdominal crunches with 40lb weights. I did 5 sets of 10 (so 50) each morning. The weights make it hard T_T
  4. Crunches – Thigh crunches (omg still cannot close my legs without soreness LOL. It’s worse than sex) with 40lb weights. 50 each morning
  5. Kay that’s all I’ve done in the morning, and I don’t think it’s so bad. What do you guys think? Too much? Too little? Am I fucking up???

What I did to eat healthy this week –

  1. Meal replacement smoothies for dinner (I indulged on Saturday because it was my niece and nephew’s birthday)
  2. No coffee! (I had only one latte this entire week. I usually have like 6 omg)
  3. No junk food. Did not touch one single chip, popcorn, or cookie

I just need to cut soda out of my diet now, seriously. I’m looking forward to hitting the gym again tomorrow πŸ™‚ AND I’m shopping around for cute yoga mats!


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