Mid-Week Exercise Update

Hi guys! Oh my gosh, I am SO SORE RIGHT NOW

I’m telling you, this getting-into-shape business is much, much harder than they make you think. In all of the books I’ve read, people start exercising and then within a few days, they’re suddenly able to work out for hours and have this excellent increase of stamina and they can run for miles and they’re enjoying it and they’re like never sore while they’re at it. It’s just this miraculous way to being healthy and then a few weeks later, they’re developing abs and they get their dream guy or girl and get married. The end.

Okay fine, they’re not exactly like that, but they cut out a lot of the hard parts!!

Today, I am so sore that even thinking of working out is hard to think about. See, that sentence didn’t even make sense. That’s how out of it I am.

I went to the gym today…was going to do another 45 minutes of the kickboxing cardio but I walked into the class and just couldn’t do it. IT WAS SO HARD to contemplate stretching and kicking and punching no matter how happy the music was.

So instead, I did 15 flights of stairmasters, 20 minutes of running on that crossramp machine I’ve been using a lot and then spent 25 minutes in the sauna.

THE SAUNA IS VERY COOL!!! It was so relaxing for my muscles. Extremely hot and I sweated out a LOT but I feel so clean afterwards when I showered. We were joking around but it felt like we’d just gotten a facial! Next time, I’m taking my Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips with me (See them here, they’re awesome!)

So it was a more relaxing day in terms of working out. Tomorrow I’ll try to take a class again..if I don’t, I’ll definitely lose my gusto 😦


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