Valentine’s Week is here

Hmmph. NO matter how grouchy I am about the whole affair, Valentine’s Day is still steadily approaching. I was talking to a friend of mine who has an overseas beau (Although neither of us are quite sure where it will lead or how mutual the feelings are) and she’s so happily flirting with him that some of the spirit can’t help but rub off on me.

She messaged me today telling me she’s on Cloud 9. When I asked for updates, she told me that today was apparently Proposal Day

Now…I have never heard of this thing, so naturally, I asked her more.

Apparently (at least in India), February 7 kicked off a week of cutesy Valentine festivities that lead up to Valentine’s Day next Thursday.

Here is the lineup, found on this blog here. Maybe you can read up on this blog to learn more about what each of these days signify!

The Valentine Week List 2011

Rose Day on Feb 7
Propose Day Feb 8
Chocolate Day Feb 9
Teddy Day Feb 10
Promise Day Feb 11
Hug Day on Feb 11
Kiss Day on Feb 13
Valentine Day on Feb 14


SO, TODAY BEING PROPOSAL DAY AND ALL. If anybody likes me, the next hour and a half from now would be a good time to announce it haha


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week is here

  1. Cute list! A little TOO cute but it could be really fun. I would take V-day more seriously except the only important men in my life are my brothers and dad xD Well I guess today is Teddy Day. I played Sims recently and my sim and her husband just had four kids and every single time another one pops out they want me to buy them a teddy bear so I can’t think of it as romantic right now XD

    • LOL I haven’t played Sims in AAAGES. I never got into it when everybody else was and now it’s just too late 😦 All I did was that poster wallpaper thingy for Dan and I didn’t do anything the rest of the week.

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