Harlem Shake and Tate Tucker

I came across this quirky lil thang tonight on Youtube! I honestly don’t even remember what part of my interwebz browsing ran me into it, but it is such a gem. It’s sorta been playing on loop while the next episode of American Idol buffers. Seriously. That’s how much I’m loving the beat. Looooving this beat right now. It’s so sick! If I knew any hip hop moves, this baby would have me busting them out like RIGHT now. In fact, my shoulders are moving to it anyway.

So that’s the original beat right, but then I found YET ANOTHER gem! It’s some guy (Hopefully an up-and-coming and soon-to-be-famous rapper) named Tate Tucker (Click his name to see his Youtube channel) rapping along to the beat with a pretty sick music video to boot. If he isn’t a celebrity yet, he definitely deserves to be one! His rap compliments the beat and he incorporates every little nuance of the original into his song with the music vid. Really, really loved it. As fresh as the original beat is, this is like the best thing I’ve seen done with it so far.

I know I am way behind on this trend – the Harlem Shake is an older, fairly classic move that originated in the 80’s but for some reason, this weekend, the first video I posted (the original harlem shake song by baaurer) has re-taken the Youtube world by storm. It went viral this weekend (Seriously…all over my newsfeed) and it’s actually really, really good!

Hope you listened and liked 🙂


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