Brandy Melville, I love your rings

Brandy Melville USA

New York City | Broadway
518 Broadway
[List of all locations here]

Brandy Melville USA. I discovered the brand while yawning through a youtube video by MissGlamorazzi where she shares her weekend morning makeup routine. It’s not that the look wasn’t pretty, but she didn’t provide any real-time perspective of how long it takes her to do all these things in the morning when she isn’t filming a video on them. The whole overall effect was that I felt exhausted and sleepy after watching her go through all these steps. I’d go right back to bed after a morning routine like hers because it just dragged on and on LOL. But hey, maybe she’s a morning person…

The one thing that DID catch my eye in her video was all of the pretty things she was wearing in her outfit that originated from “Brandy Melville.” Now, this could have been her best friend or a fashion designer with a chain of stores I don’t know about, but whatever it is, the name was unfamiliar to me. I did, however, develop a crush on the ring that MissGlamorazzi (whose real name I know, but it escapes me at this very moment. I’ll edit it in later when I remember) was wearing in her OotD (That’s Outfit of the Day you sillies).

(Also, that was a lot of parenthetical statements)

I googled up the name and was linked to Brandy Melville’s website, which you can look at by either clicking on the header/logo above (Image is Brandy’s, not mine, obviously) orrrr by clicking this entire little sentence, because it is a link.

Moral of the story – I still haven’t figured out if I can buy these accessories at a mall or not but the jewelry is, for the most part, surprisingly inexpensive and still very pretty.

I’ll post pictures to some of my favorites below – my only complaints are that the descriptions don’t tell you if the rings are adjustable or not, and you can’t pick sizes.

EDIT – I did more research after posting, and added in the nearest location to where I live below the logo. So it’s not in a mall, but I can save on shipping by visiting the store myself before buying what I want. That’ll clarify my ring size questions too.

Guys, I have fat fingers. I really WANT to buy up like 10 rings from you, but not if they won’t fit on me! Or adjust. You know, it’s all about compromise…I have to know if these rings are going to adjust with me or not.

As promised, here are some of my favorite accessories. Click on the picture to see it on their website. All images are theirs, not mine, although I really, really want all of them. I’ll list out prices below each row of pictures as well

$3 | $3 | $4 | $5

$3 | $3 | $4 | $3

$3 | $3

$14 | $14 | $9 | $10

$12 | $8 | $6 | $7

That’s a lot of images, wow! In addition to the accessories section that I sorted through, Brandy Melville also sells clothing, backpacks, purses, scarves, and all kinds of clothing for women (I think only women?). Guys (Literally, male human beings), I’m sorry if I bored you this time around. Maybe some of these will make good gifts for your girlfriends because you weren’t romantic enough on Valentine’s Day or something 😉 Free shipping on orders over $100, and with low prices like these, you could reallyyyy get a haul in with that much money. I’m going to go narrow down the choices in my shopping cart now ^_^ Happy shopping 🙂


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