Soulmate, on Idol

I was watching the first American Idol performance episode tonight and I just really had to pause when Ms. Tenna performed her song (2nd out of 10 performances) to search up what song she sang. The lyrics are already haunting and beautiful but her delivery, dare I say, was more appealing to me than the original singer of this song, Natasha Bedingfield.

Enjoy 🙂 I’d say to listen to the original first, and then Tenna’s performance to really understand how she made that song her own.

PS. Don’t hate on me for watching American Idol, I just really really love Nicki Minaj. Don’t hate on me for loving Nicki Minaj either ><



UNFORTUNATELYYYY, the Top 10 were revealed on American Idol tonight, and she didn’t make it past the audience voting 😦 So much sadness, this one performance of hers was just too amazing.


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