The things you don’t know yet

This song makes me cry.

I blog about nail polish. At lest, I want to. I don’t post on that blog often.

I’ve played Neopets since I was in the 4th grade.

My vision in eyeglasses was so demoralizing that geting used to and regularly wearing my rigid gas permeable lenses gave me a whole new burst of life.

I hate doing the dishes. And laundry. I hate dishes and laundry.

I’m clingy sometimes, and definitely dramatic a lot of the time. You have to be able to handle that, and know how to calm me down.

absolutely hate being ignored. The silent treatment is the worst possible thing somebody can do to me. I’d rather yell and bluster and fight and have good makeup sex instead.

Before this year, I have never been as lazy as I feel right now. This is me in pretty depressing condition. I need to dust myself off and try again.

I’m terrible at singing, but I sing along to music I like anyway.

Lil Wayne is my secret husband. When I first saw him live in concert, I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat from the shock, excitement, and OMGICAN’TBELIEVEIT jitters. 

I looooooove chocolate. 

I’ve got secret fantasies. Of the sexual nature. 

I hate leaving a book unfinished, even if I absolutely hate it. I try to power through.

I’m still a little bit jealous of my younger brother, as much as I adore him to death and love him and trust him.

I think consistent communication is NECESSARY in friendships. Especially close ones.

I love the orange Starburst, and always left the grape flavored Skittles for last.

I want you to take over control, plug me in, and turn me on.


3 thoughts on “The things you don’t know yet

  1. i dont believe the laziness, i wish i had your drive for the gym!!

    ugh silent treatment, i hope we never run into anyone who does that ever again ever.

      • Neither have I.. I wanted to get in the habit of playing badminton for a bit everyday at least; I may do that with my sis. But it’s so hard fitting in time to do anything!

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