Pursuing other careers

I have decided that the time has come to think about other career options. I’m just not cut out for law. As much as my heart wants it, LET’S BE HONEST – my standardized test scores and GPA simply aren’t competitive enough. 

I have applied to law schools, a few of them, but I don’t honestly expect to get into any. If I don’t, then I need to pursue other career options and really re-evaluate where my life is taking me.

I’m thinking of doing some research into the teaching field and how much extra schooling that would require. 

Seventeen years of chasing the dream later, I’m finally waking up.


4 thoughts on “Pursuing other careers

  1. you don’t know that yet… but you know what, as long as you’re happy with your choices, I am too. I honestly think you’d be great at whatever you set out to do. I just want you to know I’ll back you up no matter what! also call me if you want to talk about it, no pressure though, and of course we can talk about other stuff instead, just you know, call me~!

    • Thanks Nubsy ❤ I saw the missed call yesterday but was asleep when you called and then out w/ fam w/o phone later that day. And then at work from 1-3:30 today SO BOOO. Hopefully we can talk a little tonight or something though

      • Do you usually get out around that time? I’ll try to get a hold of you tonight, if not definitely tomorrow because I will be after noon all day tomorrow.

  2. The beautiful thing about dreams are the motivation and hard work it can inspire, but I don’t believe that should come at a cost of your current happiness. I wish you all the best in whatever you pursue, and I hope your dream can yet become a reality.

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