I have been working full-time lately. At my dad’s firm as a paralegal, so I took the cop-out easy path to finding a job. To be honest though, many other paralegal positions I was searching for, especially with bigger firms in NYC, expect or desire at least a two-year commitment. Because I plan on attending law school full-time beginning in August, I do not want to imply such commitment. That cuts out like 99% of the other jobs that would be available.

Over here, commuting to and from work is easy (Just get a ride with my dad), the hours are flexible (If I want to meet up with friends in NYC this Thursday, I totally can), and I’m getting paid. I am also genuinely learning about various aspects of Immigration Law in the process. So this is all good!

But what I’m also feeling is that my creative side is sort of falling asleep. Hibernating, if you will. I’m so tired when I get home I usually grab some dinner, catch up on the Interwebz, and then after Skyping or being on the phone for a while, it’s time for bed. Sometimes, I skip the procrastination on FB and catch up on my TV shows instead.

Either way, it feels dull and boring and repetitive and I further doubt if I want to do this for the rest of my life or not. Sure as a lawyer I’ll get paid more and get the chance to head out of the office for Court dates and such, but largely, life will remain the same grueling routine of work – eat – sleep – shower – repeat

I need to partner with somebody so we can both commit to writing regularly once more. I’m slipping you guys, I’m slipping. I’m not blogging and I’m not writing and I’m not graphic design’ing and those are all supposed to be core parts of me!


7 thoughts on “LOSING MY ROUTINE!!

  1. I am back since it’s a new day! XD

    Hey it’s not a cop-out, you should use whatever you’ve got to your advantage!! I think your dad’s a great resource!

    Weren’t we gonna do a writing challenge? I mean if you’re still up for it we can partner up and maybe get some other people to join~!! Or I might just end up making my own challenge xD

    How long would your work hours be once you’re outta law school anyway? All work sucks by the way. It’s all boring and repetitive. That’s why it’s work xD I mean maybe you can get a cool graphic art job..That could be fun..

    • Oh GOSH no if graphic design became a job, I would be so depressed. It’s what makes me happy AFTER a day of work. I wouldn’t want it to BECOME the day of work lol.

      YES WRITING CHALLENGE, BE MY BUDDY. Let’s do this! Hit me up over Skype one of these days or dedicate me an hour or two of your time and we’ll talk on the phone and hash out the deets

      • You must have written this recently because I didn’t see it before! YEAH LET’S DO IT!!! Let’s discuss after Monday though >__< I have soo much to do today & tomorrow (school + errands). The good news is this torturous semester is almost over!! hahaha I guess I throw out my notes from this sem's anatomy because I will only need to know human after this? It's so bad because I complain about this class so much that everyone I run into is like "oh, studying for anatomy again?" (I obviously complain more than I actually study heh)

        I think I will have to look for a job for the summer as well. haha I feel like I'm catching up with you via your blog post. hmm I used to feel that way about making our hobby as work and that it'd be depressing. But then I thought, that's the best way to actually churn things out. I might start thinking of writing as work.. I heard today that everyone has one novel in 'em, it's supposed to be inspirational. (I'm full of bs today since I had to watch a lot of inspirational junk XD (for leadership honor society thing that I'm trying to fill out all the reqs for)

        You probably just need some good down time though 😀

      • Good luck getting into that leadership honor society thing!! I feel like the worst part of my grad school resume is that I had no honors or awards at NYU. OWELLZ.

        Yes after Monday we’ll catch up, gluck with anatomy. Are you thinking about a summer job in downstate or upstate NY?

  2. Hello~~ I am dropping by to tell you I read the post!! I am too sleepy too give you a real reply… but that will not be the case tomorrow!!! so I will respond then!!! night~ (ps sorry i couldn’t talk today either… but..good news is I have clothes?!)

  3. I suggest take a holiday, and just find inspiration. Probably pick up a new hobby and try new things. That’s how I get design inspiration.

    • Oh gosh that would be so nice! Hopefully we’ll be able to do something over the Memorial Day Weekend 🙂 If not, i need to do a solo trip to NYC soon, walk around, and inspire myself

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