Controlled Derangement is going to law school!

I received my first acceptance e-mail today! It’s not my first choice, it’s a backup, but it’s a much needed boost of confidence! 

Dear Pryanka,

Congratulations!  On behalf of Dean Eric Lane and the Law School Faculty, I am happy to share the news of your acceptance as a JD student to the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. You will soon receive an official letter by mail as well as a guide that provides details about matriculation and other information for starting our program in August 2013. 

There is a follow-up e-mail that has me even more excited. Ecstatic, even!

I am pleased to share that, in addition to your admission to the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, you have been granted an annual tuition scholarship in the amount of  40000.00. This award recognizes your achievements to date; it is also a testament to the promise of your continued success as a legal professional and a graduate of Hofstra Law. Your scholarship is renewable during your time at the Law School based on the enclosed information . Half the annual amount will be applied when you matriculate in August, and half will be applied in January.

Oh my gosh, I can’t even breathe. This is before they’ve even received my letters of rec. and FAFSA…

I know this is the lowest ranked of all of the law schools I applied to and by no means near the caliber of my dream school, but I feel very proud of getting in regardless. Fingers crossed that I hear back positively from Fordham and Cardozo as well! 

Ultimately though, money talks. I am going to be honest and say that going to Hofstra Law will mean receiving a significant yearly scholarship PLUS I will be living at home, so there will not be any living expenses. I will also get my own car, which will be all sorts of fantastic.

The cons? Imagine having a boyfriend as a law school student who still lives at home with her super conservative Indian parents. BYE BYE SEX LIFE! I mean wut…


4 thoughts on “Controlled Derangement is going to law school!

  1. OH MY GODDD CONGRATS! I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU’D GET IN!!! and you tried to lie to all of us and say you might not be a lawyer! HA! I’m sooo proud of you! And that’s crazy! A scholarship! wow that’s- congratulations. You really deserved it 😀

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