Just one of those days

Today I just had one of those days where nothing goes quite right. Nothing tragic or even bad, but it’s just…not right.

It started when I woke up at 11am still drunk from the night before. To a text from my mother. “Hello”

I looked at it, went to the bathroom whilst containing my nausea, drank water, and fell back asleep. Then I woke up again at like 12:30 to my parents yelling at me. This did not improve my headache. Apparently, that was a loaded hello from which I was supposed to interpret that I had to hurry home from the city because we had guests coming over for brunch and everybody was waiting for me before they started eating.

I mean, WHAT.

So then I get home and I’m starving. Ate food, that went well – though it was a little spicy. Hadn’t taken my allergy meds so I was sniffling the entire time.

I made plans to take my baby cousin/sister/friend/thing (They are family friends and their daughter is basically like my baby sis) to go archery. We got late and wouldn’t have been able to stay the full 2 hours we were paying for, so our adventure was stopped short at the gas station.

It was such a beautiful day out though that we decided to go find SOMETHING to do. Something that could get us out of the house.

I took her to Herrill lanes first to do some bowling. There was a $2/game deal till 5pm. We get there, the lanes are closed till 6 for a tournament.

Then we went into the movie theater hoping that The Croods would be playing. They were, but not until 6PM. Current time: 4:20.

Dug into my wallet to purchase tickets, only to realize I forgot my Optimum Discount card back home.

Took her out to eat in the meantime + went home to pick up card. Ate so much that we had no room for dessert. Managed to hit the curb a slight bit while parking. Argh.

Got stuck behind a slow car. Finally made it to the theater, Optimum card didn’t swipe. Assistant was kind enough to offer frazzled me the discount price anyway. YES, FINALLY SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS.

Played phone tag with Rahul all day. Finally managed to speak to him 10 minutes prior to his bedtime and confirmed all the details for our hangout (SENIOR WEEK BOAT CRUISE WUTWUT) tomorrow but did not get any talking done and also managed to offend him by questioning his taste in clothing. Argh. Continued to dig myself into deeper hole while trying to explain how I felt about his interpretation of formal attire without being mean. Came across as mean.

Did not put away any of my clothes as was planned. Shoot. Did not post Sunday Project No Buy update as planned either. Going to post that next.

Sorry for the play by play, but it was just one of those days.

Edited to update: I posted my No Buy update!! And maybe fiddled with the published timestamp a little LOL


2 thoughts on “Just one of those days

  1. You iz bad at phone tag XD

    heh hello means a lot to your mom. Amusing post but awww Pryankaaa… yeah those kinds of days suck >__< but today you're doing the cruise right? have funs!!! I wonder what outfit you picked out~!
    hmm~ I wonder how he can be bad at formal attire, wouldn't that just be a suit.. hahah. but at least you're honest!!

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