Law School: Final stamp of approval

If I chose to attend Hofstra Law (Recall from earlier posts that I am getting a full ride, essentially), I made two conditions clear to my parents from the very beginning.

  1. I will have my own car, and I will take it where I please. I will be responsible for gas
  2. I will not need permission from them before I go to and from school, parties, get-togethers, etc. I’ll keep them informed but if I’m out till 12am or 2am, that’s my business. If I’m studying at the law school library all night, that’s also my business, and solely my decision to make. I refuse to beg for their permission for the next three years.

I laid that out quite clearly and told them that this is what would need to happen if I went to Hofstra Law. They said yes. They are welcome to fret when I’m out all they want, but I refuse to live a prisoner in my own home for the next three years because they feel like being conservative and overprotective Indian parents.

So guys…I’m going to Hofstra’s Law School! It’s official – I’ve put in my deposit today.


5 thoughts on “Law School: Final stamp of approval

  1. *or not Hofstra going on the text you just sent me XD gosh you so deserve it-so happy-these schools are practically begging you to grace them with your presence!!

  2. Whoa, you already gave out the deposit? Well congrats on getting in once again and even if it wasn’t your top choice it is a pretty sweet deal because of all of the scholarship. You’re basically all set and you’re a step closer to your dream πŸ™‚ Good job being honest with your parents and telling it to ’em straight, I had to give my parents a talking to at one point too. YES to car though!!!

      • but who knows! You might end up really liking Hofstra! Might meet some super cool people & great connections, you really never know.. plus yep you can transfer if you do really well!

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