Blog Everyday In May – Day 1 – Your Life in 250 Words

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph… no one will be counting your words… probably) – Source

I was born a stubborn Leo on July 30, 1991 in Flushing, New York. I grew up in love with an urban lifestyle and dreamed of living in “the city,” Manhattan. I moved around a lot in elementary school, but our family settled into Long Island when I was in 6th grade and have been there since. I have known that I wanted to become a lawyer since age 5, and have never wavered in that decision. I worked at a law firm throughout High School, gaining practical experience in Immigration Law, the field my father is well versed in.

I went to New York University for my Bachelors and graduated a semester ahead last December – I am still Class of 2013 though. College was a blast, and I made and lived with some of my best friends at NYU. Freshman year I was diagnosed with Kerataconus and prescribed hard contact lenses but they were so uncomfortable that I didn’t wear them until Junior Year, when I broke my glasses and didn’t have insurance to cover a new prescription. Now, I can’t imagine a world without them and am currently back to eyeglasses for the next month.

I’m also happily in a relationship – my second one ever – and working full-time as a Paralegal at the law firm I interned at throughout High School. I will start Law School in the fall and look forward to living the rest of my life!

The story of my life, in 250 words exactly.


2 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 1 – Your Life in 250 Words

  1. That looks so accomplished laid out like that 🙂 Unfortunate about the Keratonus 😦 hopefully it will kind of work out?.. When I read your previous post on it I was thinking “O__O that sounds like such a headache” Yes I think in emoticons.. really sorry about it tho, problems with sight are terrible!!

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