Blog Everyday In May – Day 2 – Educate Us

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you’d like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

First and foremost, “alot” is not a word. Now just give me a second while I wait for my blood to stop boiling and the urge to correct that error doesn’t cripple my fingers

Thank you for setting the mood and the agenda – Today, we talk about English.

Proper grammar and punctuation is essential, and people who type consistently without proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling REALLY REALLY REALLY BOTHER ME.

So please, use some of these lovely references the next time you’re putting together a blog post or an essay –

  • Oxford English Dictionary – I suppose works just fine but my NYU English Major snobbery requires that I look things up in the OED. It’s just ingrained in me.
  • Online Writing Lab – In mockery of the above NYU pride, I am in love with the Purdue OWL – the Online Writing Lab provided by Purdue University.

I know I’m lecturing for no good reason (Other than that’s the point of today’s blog) and it was probably just an honest mistake, but it’s such a common one that I don’t think she realized she’s misusing the words!

Some mistakes I REALLY HATE include –

  • Inappropriate (Misappropriate?) use of their, there, and they’re
  • It’s and its, although I confess I’m really bad at telling them apart sometimes
  • A lot. Not alot.
  • Using “could of” or “would of”
    • it’s wrong. WRONG. You may pronounce it that way, but the correct words are “could have” and “would have” or “could’ve” and “would’ve” 

I’m going to stop my rant right here and share this amazing rant by soebody much better at artistically spewing frustration and boiling blood than I am. 

Thank you so much, Hyperbole and a Half, for teaching me how to deal with the pain.


9 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 2 – Educate Us

  1. I love the Purdue OWL, it helped me quite a bit with my thesis. God, sometimes I hate touchscreens though, because no matter how hard I try something gets auto-corrected or my finger lands on the wrong letter and I feel like a moron who can’t spell!

    • Ahhh I know how you feel! I feel that same way. Back when I had my Blackberry, even my drunk texting was sometimes better than my normal texting on a touchscreen phone, even with Swype. It is much easier to make typos on those darned things.

      I’m glad you love the Purdue OWL though, and good luck on that thesis!! It’s a great resource for anybody doing extensive writing 🙂

  2. The one mistake I always make is confusing to and too when I’m writing. I usually don’t realize it until after I type it & send, and then I just play it off as me stretching out the word “to.” Not that anyone’s ever asked hahaha Those are good references. I was thinking to buy a hard copy of a dictionary and thesaurus to help me out with writing.

    • Haha since I started using Swype (Well, since I started using damned touchscreen phones) I make those little typos all the time. I’ve given up being perfect 😦 My Blackberry was great for that.

      • i still try to correct myself a lot of times… I prefer just typing in general.. Do you know if there’s any app that transfers your texts to PC? Because I would love that… I’m so tired of reaching for my phone all the time!

      • Ohhh you mean like instantly being able to view them on a computer when they come in…?

        You know, this probably does exist, especially when you’ve got like a Windows phone and a Windows 8 laptop. Or maybe iphone + macbook? NOT SURE but since a lot of the same companies make computer operating systems and phones, you would think that such compatibility would be possible by now.

      • Yeah! and then being able to respond to them.. hmm.. okay thanks, I can’t really find anything, google voice seems to be the closest thing but I think that ports over to a new number.. idk..

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