Dealing With Kerataconus

Hey guys!

I have mentioned it before, but I’ve had kerataconus since my freshman year in college. At least, that’s when I was diagnosed with it…I may have had it even earlier than that. My previous eye doctor wasn’t really any good although I didn’t know that yet with nobody to compare him to.

Just recently when I went to yet another eye doctor in a desperate attempt to get an eyeglasses prescription, I was given some informational material on a cross-linking study being conducted by the NSLIJ community. The trial is open for the first 20 patients who qualify, isn’t covered by insurance, and isn’t something readily offered in the US yet, even through cross-linking is a procedure that’s been around for many years in Europe and even Canada.

I’ve been offered a chance to participate, but there will be a screening in the first week of June to make sure that I (or rather, my eyes) qualify for the trial. Until then I have been instructed to remain out of my RGP lenses.




The eyeglasses correct the vision, but they can’t account for the distortions in my corena. Because of that, I’ve got a -11 prescription in both eyes though it would be more if I could see clearly enough to tell them properly what was sharper. 

Today is Day 1 of wearing those glasses and I’ve gotten a massive headache just from psending 20 minutes in them.

Things that should be flat – like walls and this computer screen – appear concave.

I can’t read any of the words I’m writing unless I hold the computer right up to my face and squint OR focus real hard to try to make the words swim into focus. Even then, it’s hard to make out the words because of all of the doubling/tripling/quadrupling/fuckery that’s going on.

I don’t even know how I’m going to survive at work. I don’t even KNOWWWW.


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