Blog Everyday in May – Day 3 – Things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

1. Public displays of affection

Here’s why:

  • If I am single, I immediately feel lonely
  • If I am dating but by myself, I immediately feel lonely and wish my boyfriend was here so I could prove to the obnoxious couple that I too have somebody who doesn’t mind the taste of my saliva in his mouth
  • If I am dating and he’s with me, I feel outdone. I then have the need to feel up on my boy more than the other girl is feeling up on

2. Compliments.

Here’s why:

  • Sometimes, I just can’t take them seriously. I don’t look like a model so don’t try to tell me I do
  • Many times, they are fake and/or overexcessive
  • They make me blush and do weird things…?

3. Tight clothes

Here’s why:

  • They’re tight

I’m sleepy, that’s all I’ve got for now folks.


4 thoughts on “Blog Everyday in May – Day 3 – Things that make me uncomfortable

  1. hahaha PDA is a whole competition!
    But I don’t know, if a stranger passes by you in the street and goes “wow that is a beautiful dress~” wouldn’t you feel awesome the whole day? (I would..)
    ugh~ tight clothes >__<

    • Sadly though it’s mostly just catcalls and pervy comments. Although once a gay guy walked past me and was like “damn girl that outfit looks fierce” and I was pretty much floating in a happy cloud all day! But yeah PDA is a competition like you wouldn’t believe!

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