Blog Everyday In May – Day 4 – Favorite Quote and Why

Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it

I’m left tongue tied when my knowledge is put on the spot like that. Or maybe I should just stop blogging at 4am, huh? I’m going to edit the timestamp so it is shown as posted on Saturday. Sorry guys, I’m not sure how ethical that is but I’m OCD about organization like that!  Let me rack my brains and slowly but surely begin building this post. The problem is that I’ve read SO much literature, listened to so much music and loved so many quotes that I’m finding it difficult to think of anything specific right now. Let me give it a shot though –


You see, I gave this a nice bold header – if you are not interested in hip-hop and think Lil Wayne is garbage (And hey, you are entitled to your opinion), then you can easily skip this!

If you’re still here, the quote is:

This was originally in his song A Milli, and for some reason, the quote just really stuck with me. I think that goons & goblins are rival gangs so this is just a gang violence reference, but I just love the imagery this evokes. I see these super hood gangstas really duking it out with stubborn grouchy little gnomes. My goshhhh you have to admit, the imagery is funny!



I’m going to sneak in one more quote. Please please please! This is from the ending of The Great Gatsby and totally relevant because the movie is releasing soon (Next week?) and I am excited!

I love this quote because it is deep and leaves you with just the right amount of melancholy, which is a perfect ending for The Great Gatsby. I mean I read the last line and the entire book was worth it. This line redeems the entire book for me. It’s a phenomenal piece of work but in High School, sometimes a lot (read: most) of us don’t appreciate it. But boy oh boy did I appreciate the hell out of that line. It’s beautiful, poetic, and sounds so artistic in its simplicity.

Even as we move into our future, sometimes we can’t help but drift and find ourselves battling against the current of time. And my gosh I now have an overwhelming urge to analyze this quote. I could probably write you a 20 page essay on if I had to!





6 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 4 – Favorite Quote and Why

  1. I know that quote!!! It’s on your gchat too!! hahaha. It is nice though 🙂 I picture like a goblin and a gargoyle. hahaha. but yours is hilarious. I like your quote graphic, that looks so cool!!

    Huh, I didn’t know you liked Great Gatsby. I noticed a movie is coming out though! I remember being super thankful for sparknotes… Right now I think wikipedia prob has enough for high school students to go on..

    “Even as we move into our future, sometimes we can’t help but drift and find ourselves battling against the current of time.” Very true.. The past does help shape us, but the present is where it’s at XD

    gah! I just remembered I left something out in my post!! *goes to edit* Thanks for reminding me about the past!!!

    • I was indifferent to the book but really liked the original movie! Yeahhhh Rahul and I are going to watch the new one when it comes out! I’m excited 😀 YEAH goons and goblins! No idea what the innuendo is on that, I just love my own visual interpretation.

      You’re right, there’s nothing like the present (That’s why it’s a gift lolol corny line) but sometimes, you just get in these ruts of thinking about the past and it really affects you! That’s sort of what I was talking about. Who doesn’t wish, at least once, to be young again!

      & thank you for the quote graphic cuteness 🙂 Photoshop is now usually open because I’m editing pictures for Nail Sparks haha.

      • ahahahah “that’s why it’s a gift” you’re too punny XD (that’s a pun for funny! eheheheeheehe)

        Being young was fun but now that I remember it more, I remember a lot of stuck-up older people (like…constantly constipated teenagers or something) telling me off in stores. Like “why don’t you go to your mommy?” Why don’t I shove something up—
        (I secretly still hold these grudges)
        oh also “you’re not tall enough for this ride”

        But maybe you’re not thinking of going that far back haha. Being an adult is def better. You can slide a plastic card in stores and buy everything!!

      • Oh of course being young had it’s own problems but in retrospect, they don’t seem as big and bad anymore, I guess…

        I’d rather have to worry about stupid teens than jobs and making rent payments lol

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