Blog Everyday In May – Day 8 – A piece of advice

Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

To some extent, hasn’t my entire blog been a giant piece of advice? From reading about my mistakes and successes, have you guys not gleaned even one life lesson? If you have, then my purpose is complete! But I’ll write up some specific advice for you below anyway. It’s in the blockquote tag, but it’s my own opinion! I just like what the blockquote tag looks like haha.

The best thing you can do in life is find an outlet. I can’t tell you to stop living in fear or making mistakes because that wouldn’t be honest. The thing is, life happens whether you like it or not, and the best way of making sure you can deal with it is by finding an outlet. A hobby, a blog, a best friend, a sport, a passion, a whatever, so long as you can hang onto it to keep you sane when life gets difficult.

Honestly you guys, having an outlet for when things go wrong is much better than cowring your way through life hoping that nothing goes wrong. Sure, you can take chances or not, but either way, having a passion to fall back on for comfort is invaluable. So please, find that passion in something, and make sure that you allow that passion to help you coast through the good and the bad times!

For me, that passion comes through my writing, blogging, and graphic design. Lately, it also comes through my makeup and nail art. That’s what has helped me get through the tough times, and I hope that you all can find your own “thing”!



4 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 8 – A piece of advice

  1. Such healthy advice! You’re right! For me an outlet a lot of the times is good company or a good video game, always brings me right back up. I’ve always been lucky enough that usually when I’m getting down someone is either around or calls/IMs by chance.

    • What luck! Somebody is looking out for ya 🙂
      Neopets used to be my outlet and I’m pretty sure gaming is how my brother de-stresses so I totally understand that! Videos are uplifting if you come across the right one but sometimes, I get frustrated looking lol

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