Oh my gosh guys, today’s been so crazy it deserves all those capital letters.

First of all, I went out for a Dunkin Donuts run at like 12:30AM this morning to see Nabila before she left back for Buffalo until July =/ SO WORTH IT, but I definitely didn’t fall asleep until 6AM and then was awake by 8:30 to get ready for work. I’m not crashing or anything though because I got plenty of sleep during the day yesterday thankfully.

But work has been INSANE. Like even if it was a regular sleep schedule day, it would still be considered insane. We got into work ~9:35 and NOBODY WAS IN THE OFFICE YET. There are supposed to be 2 people in charge of opening the office at 9AM – if one is running late, the other is supposed to cover and they’re supposed to keep each other in the loop. Yeah one got here at 10 and the other called in at 2PM saying she just woke up, had taken fever meds the night before and overslept her alarm….

Ugh, I guess shit happens, but the consequences are still extremely frustrating for everybody else involved.

On top of that, all 4 of the lawyers working here are out (One had to take his wife to a doctor appt, 2 are in court, 1 is in California on business…) and the other 2 paralegals who work here are out (1 has a sprained ankle and is on leave, and the other didn’t come in, I’m not privy to why)

So apparently, everybody decided that May 13th was a great day to be out of the office. I’m stuck handling 4 lines and the anger of the 2 guys who are in the office (My dad and the guy who came in at 10).

Up until a few minutes ago, 1 was with a client & the other stepped out to mail out a case. Before that, the guy with a client was out for lunch & the one who stepped out was with a client. Leaving me to fend for myself with pretty basic information on where everybody is.

Beyond taking freakin phone calls, I doubt I’m getting any work done today. Which just means it’s going to be crazy busy tomorrow OR I’m going to have to stay here past 6:30PM to finish my translation.

OMG CRAZINESS. Scarfed down lunch by the phone, haven’t gotten any of my work for the day done. Am on break for 5-10 minutes now posting this, and then heading back to work. Actually wait I’m going to go pee because that’ll be helpful. 

Sooo frustrating – the people at this office have no moral responsibility to the office. They are constantly late, making excuses, and generally getting away with it because the ‘big boss’ isn’t around enough to reprimand them. 

I’ve only been here for a few weeks and already it is SO OBVIOUS that certain people really need to be disciplined for their attendance. Or lack thereof.



  1. aww sorry I kept you up BUUT was so happy to see you! YOU IS AWESOME!! But you spoil me too much. Now I have too many nice things!

    Work sounds really stressful.. I hope lately it’s been a little better.

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