Blog Everyday In May – Day 14 – Ten things that make you happy

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

1. Pets, and cute pictures of them

They're like Madonna, only better, because they're so awesome they don't need names.

2. Setting and then achieving goals both short-term and long-term

3. Photoshop and graphic design in general

4. Pampering myself and “playing” with makeup

5. Holographic nail polish

6. Love and affection. Yes, the song too

7. Days that I can sleep in

8. Snuggling and Cuddling

9. Girly things, and things that are the colors teal and coral

10. Finding (for others) and/or receiving the perfect gifts


5 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 14 – Ten things that make you happy

  1. aww yay cute animals!! Seriously you are perfect at finding gifts. You are the best!! I’m hoping I can be half as great this year (being serious too).

    Y’know setting goals is what all them success books and stuff say.. You’re def doing something right. It never works for me though, I always make check lists and ignore them >__<

  2. Yay for number 7!! And 10!! I love looking for gifts for other people!! It’s honestly more fun to me than even receiving gifts, haha. And then when you give it to them and they look at you like, how did you remember I like that?! Or whatever it was.

    Off topic for a moment, I know you work for a law firm right? And you’re gong to law school. I have a question about finding a lawyer…is there a place, or number or something you can research to find a lawyer? I don’t know if that made sense. Basically my mom is looking for a family law attorney, but she needs one in a state other than the one she lives in(she’s in CA, she needs one in Az), and she doesn’t just want to close her eyes and point to a number or even necessarily look at reviews online. I don’t know, I thought maybe there might be some sort of directory or something? I’m grasping at straw here, but yah, if you have any idea as to what I might be looking for, thanks. 🙂

    • Don’t worry about going OT! I’m going to address that first, but you can email me at if you want to keep things private or go into details!

      YES I’m a paralegal at a firm in NYC that focuses primarily on Immigration. I think the best way to start looking for attorneys out-of-state would be through personal connections. Maybe ask a few reputable lawyers who you’ve spoken to in the past who their recommended AZ contacts would be. It’s not far fetched that good CA lawyers will know good AZ lawyers as the states are neighboring and many lawyers who take the bar pass it for multiple states clustered around the region they want to practice. That’d be the BEST way to find somebody. I’m sure online research will point you to an index, by state, and comprehensive list of practicing attorneys. If there’s a whole giant database with reviews and things, I’m not quite sure about it =/

      &&&& gifts – that’s definitely my favorite part! Their eyes light up and they feel SPECIAL which is the whole point of a gift anyway. Getting/giving gift cards or just plain cash pisses me off!

  3. OH I love looking for gifts for others! I always take note of the stuff someone says he/she likes, and sometimes I will be out shopping and see something I know a friend will like and buy it right then and there and save it for a special occasion!

    • YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I DO! I just hoard things and gift them on special dates like bdays or xmas but without the rush of last minute impersonal shopping 🙂

      It’s also a lot more budget friendly IMO – you pace it all out. But absolutely, I always buy things if they stick out and remind me of somebody, to gift it to them at some later date.

      Great minds think alike moment?

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