Blog Everyday In May – Day 17 – Photographic Flashbacks

The best pictures are the ones that bring back memories of younger days. It was a more carefree life, and people generally gave less shits about what other people thought of them. At least in my circle, they did. Enjoy this trip down memory lane with me! I know that even you, Nabila, haven’t seen most of these pictures of the young me!

Tell me that isn’t the most priceless expression EVER. I don’t even know wtf I’m doing, but it’s awesome. Must have been mid-laugh or something..?

Badass baths in India. Next to a tub of laundry

L to R: My brother, my best friend’s sister, my best friend, me


Our moms were pregnant together. We were born 6 days apart. She was my BEST friend before I even knew what that meant. I’m on the right.

I was rocking high waisted colored pants BEFORE it was cool. I’m obviously the one that set this trend off

It’s quirky because the girl on the left is Priya, and I’m Pryanka. This was our first day of school outside PS. 130

RIP: That view. I’m posing here with my cousin (slash sister slash best friend) and her momma

Really love this picture for the expression my brother is wearing (He is the one in the Jeep with the ridiculous sunglasses)

Posing like a diva since way back! This was at my birthday party picnic in Florida

Just dancing in the rain, NBD. I was a childhood romantic

More diva-licious pictures. I should have been a bathing suit model, LOOK AT THAT POSE. I’m on the far left here, of course

Holding my baby brother for the first time in the Hospital. I was 4 🙂

MONKEYS! This was at Disneyland in California, I THINK.

One of the only shots I have with my grandma, may she rest in peace. She was the strongest, most independent woman I knew,.

I’ve been a daddy’s girl since the very beginning. I LOVE him and us and this picture and the beach and everything!

Dancing with my daddy at my brother’s first birthday party

An older family shot but I can’t remember where. I love it for my brother’s silly derpy face ❤

Yeah there was no way in hell I was just picking one to share. Enjoy baby Pryanka!!


5 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 17 – Photographic Flashbacks

  1. Cuuute~!! You’re right, I didn’t see these before! I love the washtub one, that’s my favorite one! It’s adorable!

    Your brother makes awesome faces. My other favorite one is the one when you’re holding him for the first time 😀

    • Haha thank you thank you thank you!! The bathtub photo makes me giggle every time, I wish it was better quality, but that can’t be helped! Cameras in 1992/1993 India were only so good lol.

      • awesome 😀 Yeah I need to transfer stuff and look for al my old pictures. That’s what I ended up doing, taking a picture with my phone of a picture I had, haha. I’m also trying to set up a “personal” blog and jeez is every name taken or whatever, my creativity is at it’s end, lol.

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