Dear Diary, I Am Drained

Dear Diary,

This week has just sucked the energy out of me!!! Yesterday was a RIDICULOUS day in a way that no day in my life has been. I spent several hours at a Police Station observing and diligently doing my Paralegal duties because one of our clients in removal proceedings was arrested. Is that terrifying, or is that terrifying…? 

For him it was terrifying, but it totally threw us off at the office. I had SO much pending work and deadlines coming up for Monday so yesterday & today were supposed to be my days to finish them up. Now it’s 8:45PM and we’re only just finishing for the night. I’m so exhausted!! And I still have a ton of things to finish before noon so we can push 3 pending cases out to USCIS. ARGH, life.

On top of that I’ve got seasonal allergies going on and didn’t have my Dunkin Donuts today and have had serious coffee withdrawal. I don’t even know. It’s a combination of not enough sleep + allergies + no coffee. And it sucks! 

I got home last night at ~1AM and my dad was all upset at me but I didn’t let it affect my performance at work today even though I have a pounding headache and feel like crap. After this I’m supposed to go meet up with somebody and I don’t even know how I’m still walking. Maybe I’m sleepwalking already and just dont’ know it. Body feels like it’s running on auto-pilot and I can’t wait to sleep tonight.

I’ve got a doctor appointment tomorrow morning and my TB test came out positive because of the Immunizations I received in India so she’s going to see me tomorrow, see that my test is positive, know the reason why, but send me for Chest XRays anyway because St. Johns requires it for their medical records, and I need to get on that. 

For now though, I can’t wait to get home so I can pull out some photographs to put up for the Blog Everyday challenge and then head out to hang out, and preferably buy a large cup of coffee on the way. And then crash. Oh my gosh I can feel it already, I just want to crash. And sleep.

MY PILLOW BECKONS. And I’m heading out of work now, so peace out 🙂



3 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I Am Drained

  1. eeee.. that sounds horrible 😦 argh at getting up early tomorrow morning too >__< I hope you can still make the most of hanging out tonight…& try to rest up tomorrow I guess!

    hmm..about the arrest..hope the firm isn't too affected..:/

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