Blog Everyday In May – Day 19 – Five Favorite Bloggers

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

1. Cocoalite – This blog belongs to one of my best friends, Nabila, so you just know it has to be up here. I adore her and her blog to pieces. We’ve been doing it together, this blogging thing, since the Senior year of high school. From Livejournal to here, we’ve traveled the years together and grown together as well. She’s the reason I started blogging and the reason that I continue

2. TemptaliaThis is a blog I find myself visiting every single day. Usually multiple times a day. She’s not as fair-skinned as a lot of other beauty bloggers (That are all in like the NC15-NC25 range, if not lower) so it helps me out a little bit more. Her swatches of everything (lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, etc) are divine. Very clear, good quality, consistent, easy to search, extensive ‘dupe’ lists, a foundation matrix to help you find the right shade, etc etc etc. So much perfection.

3. Dark Side Of Beauty – It is not that often that I can say I know for a fact the person behind the blog is as amazing as the blog itself. But honestly, Nancy is one of the sweetest bloggers I know! She takes the time to comment back (Even for lil lowly ol’ me) and also takes the time to check out other blogs of her commenters and comment on them. Truly remarkable of her, and way above and beyond most other bloggers who never reply to their comments, only approve them as long as they aren’t spam. I hope to one day be even closer friends with her because she’s just ‘dahling’

4. Ommorphia Beauty Bar – I am digging her new blog layout and was initially floored by Eugenia’s blog because she ran it on WordPress in the generation of Blogger beauty blogs and managed to gain a massive following without the aid of a precious Google Reader. She began blogging in 2010 and quickly rose all the way to the top. She is the ONLY person I really need to go to for non-indie nail polish swatches. She doesn’t really do many beauty products but she is my staple for all things nail polish, especially mainstream brands like Butter London, Essie, OPI, China Glaze, etc. She’s a huge lover of Chanel so another thing about her blog I love and adore is living vicariously through her Chanel collection!

5. Accio Lacquer – Last on the list, but only because it’s my newest love. Accio Lacquer is just the most fun and quirky nail polish blog I have ever seen. She started out purchasing collections to review but within weeks, she was getting polish by big lines for review because her swatches and posts are that thorough and beautiful. She takes her time formatting and includes hilarious .gifs and memes to liven up the commentary. She loves all things nerdy in the nail polish world, so I always go there to check out nerdy indie polish collections. Like all the Doctor Who polishes by Digital Nails. Yeah, I want them all, and it’s all because of Mishka from Accio Lacquer!

Gosh can you tell that I love how the blockquote tag looks on my blog yet or not? BLOCK ALL THE Q UOTES!


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