Blog Everyday In May – Day 21 – My favorite posts

Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

Haha this is a hard prompt, I’ve been posting for a long while and going through my archives to pick out a few of my favorite links

My first few links are going to be from another blogging project I did, how fitting! Here are some of my favorites from Poetry Paradise, a little project I did where I wrote a new poem every single day for a month.

Mirror Me –  This was a really angsty expression of how upsetting and frustrating it was for me without any corrective eyewear. I wrote it when I managed to break my glasses and went a few days without, and this was before I wore contacts.

Design Is – This poem REALLY sparked something for me. I later went on to interpret each stanza in a poster, and currently have all 7 of the posters printed and framed on my wall. It was a really big personal proclamation of my absolute love of graphic design

Going through the Archives is sort of difficult/tedious. If I remember a post I was particularly proud, I’ll add it in! Here are some other posts I really liked though!

Going Healthy Lifestyle Rehaul Post – I was just so hyped up about this! I need to suck it up and drop some money on a gym membership with more flexible hours since my LA Fitness guest pass is no longer effective, the gym at work is closed for renovations, and the one I went to after LA Fitness closes at 9PM, which isn’t feasible for me. Things are on hiatus but I need to get back into it.

A Troll Unmasked, V2 – This is one of my favorite stories published on Controlled Derangement, but the fact that it’s also a TRUE story is what really makes me shudder everytime I think about the weird and freaky incident

The “Design Is” Poster Series – This series was a great experimentation in Photoshop and Illustrator along with being a tribute to the Design Is Poem that I linked to above. I love them all even with their flaws and imperfections!

If somebody comes up with some sort of obviously amazing post that I forgot about, let me know! I’ll edit it in 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 21 – My favorite posts

  1. I remember all of these 😀 For Mirror Me I was all frustrated that I didn’t comment and like it, and I saw a decent sized comment but it didn’t have my icon and I”m like “what..did I not see this one?!” and then I saw that that was my lj that was the comment and that I DID read it xD I LOVEE Design Is! And I also remember the Troll Unmasked one clearly too. Heavy stuff O__o I also liked your stories a lot. I think one was called Bet I? That was like my favorite one haha

      • hahah thanks for letting me know you replied to it ’cause I probably wouldn’t notice otherwise! But then I just noticed that I already responded to that response so now this reply is awkward xD

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