Blog Everyday In May – Day 22 – Preach

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

I’ve already gotten on my soapbox once during this challenge, and that was for my Day 16 post where I ranted and raved (Quite unabashedly and probably not politically correct…ly) about how students from lower income level homes receive a biased amount of financial aid where their achievements are weighted more. To recap that if you’re not going to click: Many of these students have lower scores overall but because they’ve done ‘so much’ and ‘overcome the odds’ they receive full or nearly full scholarships to prestigious universities that then deny other students who might have a better college resume, but won’t fit into a minority or quota and get left behind. Or get in and are expected to pay full tuition because they are in the middle class and are expected to be able to contribute more. What ends up happening in that stupid scenario is that the poorer kids with the lower  scores get a rull ride and chance to succeed/blow it off. The middle class kids get sucked into ridiculous amounts of debt or their entire family’s lifestyle is impacted by how much money the family is expected to contribute towards tuition. It sucks – not poor enough for govt help, but certainly not rich enough that paying for college is easy.

It’s like an attempt to reverse the disadvantages of being poor but totally imbalanced in favor of them, thereby disadvantaging the middle class in the process. SO IF YOU WANT TO READ THAT RANT, YOU CAN CLICK HERE haha. 


But really, let’s talk about my pet peeves

Gosh, I don’t even know. I’ve worked myself up into a frenzy of rage about the above topic once more just by typing the above 2 paragraphs LOL. I like the suggestion of pet peeves though, so let’s cover my honest and probably mean opinions on certain pet peeves of mine!

Unmatched/Missing Socks – Oh my GOSH this drives me insane. I don’t even know how many pairs of socks I’ve bought over the last few years because it seems like whenever I check my closet, i’ve got like 2 actual pairs of socks left. Then I’m like “OMG I JUST BOUGHT A 10 PACK 2 WEEKS AGO” but the socks are like nowhere to be found. Usually I’ve just got a lot of singles lying around so I always end up regretting not just buying plain white socks so at least I won’t render a pair useless when I lose one. And the problem is that I’m terribly attracted to cutesy non-white socks and always regret it afterwards when I find that all of my pairs are no longer paired with a matching sock. It makes me sad and secretly when I’m wearing boots, I just wear the poor singles anyway since nobody’s looking. HA, so now you know.

Public Displays of Affection (PDA) – Couples that are excessively PDA, especially on the subway since you’re totally confined in a small little train car with them for god knows how many stops. With my luck, they’re on the train till it’s last stop and I suffer through their icky gooeynessuntil I get off.

Bad Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Composition, Etc. – As I type this, I realize I could probably just have done an entire post on this pet peeve alone. I like literacy and cannot abide those who act like they’ve never seen a day of school in their life. If you’re genuinely illiterate, well I suppose it’s alright then because you’ve got a legitimate excuse. Even then, you better be trying to learn and improve. But for those of you in college or graduate school still typing “lyk d1s is so KEWLLLL!1!1!” – I HATE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME. 

An ocassional error is not what I am talking about. I’m not perfect either and we are humans, I would be sort of intimidated if you never erred in your writing. But purposely misspelling things, leaving out certain letters, etc – that’s the shit I don’t like.

Let’s take some time to pull real FB posts and discuss some beneficial before & afters 🙂

  1. Hey missy how is Ur finals coming out?
    1. Hey missy! How are your finals going? OR Hey missy, how are finals coming out?
  2. The sun teaches us 2 valuable lessons each n evryday:
    In d evening- it shows dat evrygr8 thing has 2 fall, &
    In d morning it shows dat watevr has fallen, can rise again.
    So wen ever u fall, try 2 rise up again. [I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. SHE’S IN GRAD SCHOOL….]

    1. The sun teaches us 2 (or two) valuable lessons each and every day:
      In the evening, it shows that everything has to fall, and
      In the morning, it shows that whatever has fallen can rise again.
      So whenever you fall, try to rise up again.  [Doesn’t that sound so much BETTER]
  3. 3 idiots….. Best frnds forever
    1. 3 Idiots…best friends forever (Insert end punctuation(s) of your choice here)
  4. …my future BF shuld hold my hand always…coz if he lets go..ima go shopping with his card in my hand.!! lmfao.!!
    1. ….my future boyfriend (or BF or bf) should hold my hand always….because (or cuz) if he lets go, imma (or I’m going to) go shopping with his credit card in my hand!! lmfao!!

2 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 22 – Preach

  1. haha I like the fb posts you picked out! Grammar doesn’t bother me though, I’m so used to it. In fact sometimes it’s just funny. There was a yahoo article out the other day where they wrote that Memorial Day weekend celebrations were canceled because it snowed several feet near the Vermont boarder. And people were having a field day with commenting and I couldn’t help cracking up when one person wrote “Who is this mysterious boarder and when are they leaving??”

    PDA in a small subway car is…really awkward.

    • PDA anywhere is really awkward 😦 and yeah LOL who is this Vermont boarder…I love that. You are right though, a lot of times if an article’s got a typo, people just tend to disregard anything else that the article is saying and just pick on the uathor for being illiterate haha

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