Cleaning out my closet

Despite the song choice above, I mean this quite literally.  I HAVE A SHITTON OF CLOTHING

During my Project No Buy over at NailSparks* (The nail art/beauty blog), I challenged myself one week to clean out my closet. Spring cleaning style. Take out things to donate, take out things that are out-of-season, and trash the stuff I know I’m not using because I’ve honestly got SO. MUCH. STUFF.

Here are some pictures of how ridiculous it is. I am not exaggerating!

Getting started by playing my music and emptying out the closet

The pile continues to grow

The wall of clothing is about waist high and has overtaken my poor laptop

Breaking down the wall into piles, separated by type of clothing

Putting things away and starting to see carpet again!!

Give me about a week, the closet will be messy again. Also the weather here in New York has been so MOODY and indecisive lately that I still haven’t put away my winter clothing because we get days like today when it’s back to being in the 50’s/60’s. Then tomorrow it’ll be 80’s, and then the day after, there’ll be a thunderstorm. What fun. Clothing for all weather is still needed haha.


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