Blog Everyday In May – Day 23 – Things I Didn’t Learn In School

Day 23, Thursday: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

One. The shades of grey

Oh sure, teachers will tell you all the time that life is not black and white, but they don’t tell you how to find the shades of grey in between. Only the ethical dilemmas that you will undoubtedly face in your unique lifetime will show you just what shades of grey there are. The ethics discussions you have in school are not very realistic or applicable to how you will act in the heat of the moment, and the line between opposing philosophies is always blurred and often crossed. Only life’s lessons will teach you that.

Two. Excuses don’t work as well in the real world

If you miss an important deadline at work because you fell sick last minute or your Aunt died…tough luck, you may be out of a job. Of course, there are some humans that are more considerate than others, but you will quickly learn that the stakes are much higher when it comes to the consequences of your actions after you’ve graduated and are done with schooling.

Three. Things fall apart

Disregard if you’ve read Chinua Achebe 😉 But for those of us who didn’t apply ourselves to literature, you will learn that life is far from picture perfect. Friendships fall apart, people get busy and can’t always hang out at favorite coffee shops, and most of us will never be famous. Networking matters over grades, and presentation matters most of all.

Four. Money Matters

High school and even college (Unless you are earning your way through) allows students to maintain a very jaded perspective of their finances. Living is not as expensive when you’re living under your parents roof and have a decent job or internship that is covering your personal expenses and partying. Counselors encourage you to take classes “that make you happy” or “do what you feel is right”. They encourage studying abroad and taking the time to pursue your outside hobbies. REALITY BITES. Unless you’ve got money, ain’t nobody got time for that 


2 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In May – Day 23 – Things I Didn’t Learn In School

  1. A bit pessimistic but nevertheless true. Counselors ever give good advice…

    One day we both need to finish this challenge XD

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