Blog Everyday In May – Day 25 – What he told me

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

This incredibly sappy post is going to be dedicated to my awesome friend Dan! We met for the first time just recently during my trip to Canada, but we have known each other online for 5 or so years now. I can remember clearly that even in 12th grade, we were talking to one another CONSTANTLY. I am talking Skype-every-night.

It is not often that you meet somebody with whom the silence is so utterly comfortable. Often times, our Skype sessions consisted of us leavng Skype on and going about our day. There was just comfort in knowing we COULD talk, not that we necessarily had to.

This year on Valentines Day, he told me something that I will never forget

“I just wanted to say you are the best, most amazing female I have ever met in my life”

Admittedly when he said it to me on Skype, I giggled a little, but he is honestly such an amazing and integral part of my life that the sentiment reflected back at me did bring me to tears…on the inside. Hey, what can I say…I don’t like to cry. But he has seen me in my good times and bad. He’s seen me at my most angelic and demonic. My bitchiest and my most dramatic. And he’s still around. So somewhere along the way, I impressed him enough to stand by me and tell me that I am the best, most amazing female he’s ever seen.

THAT’S A FUCKIN HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.  I will never forget it. It brings me out of the doom and gloom of my present situation. I’ve got a huge smile on my face re-reading that quote and I feel amazing to know that I’ve made an impact on somebody else’s life.

It’s hard to go through life without leaving an impact somewhere, I know. But when somebody TELLS you, it just makes things more tangible and real, you know? Like seeing the ripples made by throwing a stone in water for the first time.

I’ll link him to this. If he reads it while we’re talking, I’ll probably be blushing like mad. But you know what, he is an amazing friend and I could never ask for anything different. If we had to do it all again, I would.

So cheers to you, my amazing male and fellow insomniac! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO I LOVE YOU SO.


Blog Everyday In May – Day 24 – My Worst Traits

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

It’s the middle of June, LOLWUT. Sorry for the delay, you all already know why, and I do hope you understand. Even now, I’m relying on the fact that I’ve memorized the keyboard to aid me in typing this, because as I look at the screen and pretend to see what I’m doing, I must confess that I cannot see these words. I may or may not stick the laptop closer to my face later and double-check for typos, but oh well. Maybe I won’t.

My top three worst traits…..

One. I am dramatic

This is somthing I have been told several times, and almost always by boyfriends as they break up with me. I suppose they are right – I do tend to overreact sometimes and the littlest thing can piss me off. For example, right now, I am extremely miffed at a supposed “best friend” who has yet to show her face at my house to check in on how I am doing since my corneal cross-linking on the 7th. I think I have every right to be mad, she lives only a minute away. Three if the traffic light is red.

Two. I am bossy/stubborn

Sometimes, this is to my advantage, because at least I am able to get shit done. But sometimes when I am in a team, I instinctively try to take charge and if there is another headstrong member, conflict may or may not arise. I expect things to get done efficiently and am annoyed when they aren’t. I cannot stand people who are sluggish or do not contribute to the group effort. I am not afraid of confrontation, but sometimes this bites me in the ass when I blurt out what I am thinking, sometimes with no regards to the other person’s feelings.

Three. I have an obsessive(ish) personality

I don’t mean that I am a stalker, just so things are clear from the start. I am, however, a sucker who can never let go sometimes. I started Neopets when I was in 4th grade and have tried numerous times over the years to quit.but here I am, finished with college, still playing the Altador Cup like a madwoman because I bot bored and decided to log in again…SMH.

They are little things here and there, but once I latch onto an interest, it is never a fleeting fad. Consider: A career as a lawyer, nail polish, nail art, dunkin donuts iced mocha lattes, and devotion to best friends.

Now if only I could feel the same away about fitness….

Playing Ketchup

Catch up, that is. Hehehe I’m so punny.

FIRST AND FOREMOST A HUGE APOLOGY for my sympathizer of “playingthehandiwasdealt” – though we have only just discovered one another, I can just tell that you and I are going to become such good friends. The apology part is that I have read EVERYTHING you wrote to me, but haven’t had the time to respond properly. I’m getting there…is just frustrating with all the squinting and my laziness kicks in and I put the computer back to sleep and walk away without posting anything. BUT I HAVE READ ALL THE ADVICE AND QUESTIONS, and I am going to answer you asap ❤

Other than that note, I wanted to tell you all that I’m going to try my best to finish up the Blog everyday posts. Honestly, the motivating factor right now is the +$5 I’ll get on my Project No Buy spending bank over at Nail Sparks if I finish up by next Sunday. No joke. I’m easy to please…

Also, I called up my eye doctor and confirmed that I am in the clear to go back to proper exercising. I’m sure I always was and it was just an excuse to postpone things but now that she said so, I really have no excuse. JUMP ROPE, HERE I COME. 

Today, I took the yoga mat out of it’s packaging for the first time. I’m so damn proud of myself.

Going Healthy – June 2013 Update

Hey guys!! I have a renewed motivation for getting fit over the summer now. I WANNA LOOK HAWT when I go to law school. The fact that my awesome friend from NYU is going to start up a similar regimen with me while she’s in California for the summer certainly helps too. Honestly workout buddies are the only way I stay on top of things.Here is our plan so far, we’re still piecing it together —


  • Eat 3 full meals a day + 1-2 healthy snacks if needed
  • Breakfast – Cereal or oatmeal or milk with fruits or cereal with fruits or yogurt or granola bar if in a rush
  • Lunch – Heavier, will include some protein and veggies. So things like salad with grilled chicken (with vinegar/salt/pepper/lemon, no artificial dressings) or sandwiches or just normal Indian fod with roti. Whatever’s cooking as long as it’s healthy and in moderation.
  • Dinner – Lighter. Avoid too much protein/meat in dinner and keep it lighter.
  • Keep the takeout/fast food limited to 102 times per month for special occasions
  • Limit coke intake to special occasions only, try to cut it out of diet entirely
  • Not sure when will be the best time to incorporate some meal replacement smoothies (Are they good as dinner replacements? Lunch? Have to do some more research) but do want to add those into my diet because honestly, they taste good


  • Basic cardio workouts at least 4 times a week. On lighter days, just the treadmill. On other days,elliptical, jogging outside, and other cardio things I don’t know yet
    • Jump rope (that’s cardio, right?) in the evenings with brother. Work towards doing 1000 (Current stamina ends at about 200 smh)
  • Yoga for the mornings I wake up early enough for it
  • 15 Minute Ab & Cardio Bootcamp routine every other day. Start out with 1 rep, double to 30 minutes after stamina begins to build up some
  • 8 Minute Quick Sweat Cardio Workout 2x on the days I’m not doing the 15 minute bootcamp, and 1x on the days that I am
  • Rotate upper body, lower body and abdominal workouts. This will most likely happen only after I have access to gym again

The Hiatus Isn’t Over, and Surgery

Hey there! I’ve been missing for a while and didn’t even get the chance to write out the actual entries for Blog Everyday, so a lot of them got posted blank. OOPSY. I’ll be reverting them back to drafts after I post this and get it off my chest

As you all know, I have Keratoconus. I’ve lamented about this many times before on my blog. Well, my eye doctors over at North Shore LIJ brought it to our attention that they were conducting a limited FDA-Approved Study on cross-linking, one of the procedures offered to keratoconus patients as a means of stabilizing the cornea and preventing the disease from getting any worse. (Hopefully). It’s already been going on in Europe & Canada for many years, but isn’t FDA approved in the US yet until the studies are done conducting their research and submitting stuff and getting the procedure approved.

I was diagnosed young, and the disease usually stabilizes itself around the age of 40. Though it is still mild in my eye, my younger diagnosis means it will have too much time to get worse and I’d definitely benefit from cross-linking.

It’s not FDA approved so I’m warning you, I’ll be paying $3000 per eye out of pocket, no insurance covers it yet. Insurance will cover all the drops and medicines I need to take afterwards however, so yay. 

Between all my trips to the eye doctor AND the two back to back vacations I went on, I haven’t posted here in a while. My cross linking procedure is going to take place this Friday at 1:30PM, with follow-up appointments scheduled for Saturday and Monday. I’ll blog about the journey, as always.

If you want to know more about what cross-linking is, read up the Wikipedia article here first and then conduct your own research haha. I’ve certainly done an extensive amount of it over the past week.

Gonna see how long it takes for you to read this and yell at me over the phone for not telling you sooner Nubsy! Though truth be told, I went in just yesterday for the consultation after staying out of my contacts for a month, and the consult turned into an evaluation, and it was determined my right eye was eligible, and my left might be but they have to re-screen in another month. After the evaluation is over, you typically have to get the procedure within 45 days. Doctor was like…either this Friday or wait till July b/c she’s unavailable or booked or just plain busy. I didn’t want to wait until July because it’ll impede into my summer fun and if I get it done now, I’ll be all healed up by then.