Going Healthy – June 2013 Update

Hey guys!! I have a renewed motivation for getting fit over the summer now. I WANNA LOOK HAWT when I go to law school. The fact that my awesome friend from NYU is going to start up a similar regimen with me while she’s in California for the summer certainly helps too. Honestly workout buddies are the only way I stay on top of things.Here is our plan so far, we’re still piecing it together —


  • Eat 3 full meals a day + 1-2 healthy snacks if needed
  • Breakfast – Cereal or oatmeal or milk with fruits or cereal with fruits or yogurt or granola bar if in a rush
  • Lunch – Heavier, will include some protein and veggies. So things like salad with grilled chicken (with vinegar/salt/pepper/lemon, no artificial dressings) or sandwiches or just normal Indian fod with roti. Whatever’s cooking as long as it’s healthy and in moderation.
  • Dinner – Lighter. Avoid too much protein/meat in dinner and keep it lighter.
  • Keep the takeout/fast food limited to 102 times per month for special occasions
  • Limit coke intake to special occasions only, try to cut it out of diet entirely
  • Not sure when will be the best time to incorporate some meal replacement smoothies (Are they good as dinner replacements? Lunch? Have to do some more research) but do want to add those into my diet because honestly, they taste good


  • Basic cardio workouts at least 4 times a week. On lighter days, just the treadmill. On other days,elliptical, jogging outside, and other cardio things I don’t know yet
    • Jump rope (that’s cardio, right?) in the evenings with brother. Work towards doing 1000 (Current stamina ends at about 200 smh)
  • Yoga for the mornings I wake up early enough for it
  • 15 Minute Ab & Cardio Bootcamp routine every other day. Start out with 1 rep, double to 30 minutes after stamina begins to build up some
  • 8 Minute Quick Sweat Cardio Workout 2x on the days I’m not doing the 15 minute bootcamp, and 1x on the days that I am
  • Rotate upper body, lower body and abdominal workouts. This will most likely happen only after I have access to gym again

13 thoughts on “Going Healthy – June 2013 Update

  1. Good luck! I always attempt this(but well I attempt to gain weight, I’m extremely thin) but I always give up, haha, it’s so much work! How’s your eye doing??

    • But there’s definitely a healthy way to gain weight too (I was sickly thin growing up and went about gaining weight the wrong way smh) so good luck ❀ ❀ Try to incorporate more protein in your diet and eat smaller meals but more often?

      My eye is healing! I don't need to take Percocet anymore so the painful part of healing is over…now I'm ust waiting for my vision to clear up and hopefully in the next two-three weeks, things will go back to normal πŸ™‚

      • That’s great, glad to hear you’re not in pain anymore. I’m most likely having surgery next week when I get back from NY. 😦 I’m bummed it’s ruining the rest of my month, but it’s a necessity.

        Yeah I have tried all ways of gaining weight, but without much success unfortunately, it’s an effect of my disorder, as long as I sustain I’m ok with it, but it would be nice to fit into some different clothes, haha.

      • It’s sad that a lot of people don’t even acknowledge being skinny as a problem 😦 You can have some of my fat anytime you want though LOL.

        Ahh that’s right you’re in NY right now. MAKEUP SPREE TOGETHER PLEASE. Ill travel to the city for that haha. What surgery are you having done next week btw, I don’t recall if you already told me. Either way, good luck ❀ My love and prayers are with you.

      • Thanks! Yeah people get so wrapped up in obesity, and oh you’re so “lucky” to be skinny, but they don’t realize it’s an actual problem for some people too.

        I develop cancerous spots on my skin that need to be removed as soon as possible so they don’t grow or spread to other areas. I found one a few weeks back and we decided it would be best to do the surgery right away and not wait since my surgeon will be going away for a couple weeks. I was supposed to go to a wedding and to LA(and possible the PHAMExpo makeup convention) but it seems I will probably have to miss those. But I still have NY! Which I should be packing for now, haha. Aaah makeup yes!!

      • And speaking of makeup….have you tried any of Shiro’s custom lip glosses? I just got alkahestry and it’s so pretty, I want more!! Especially Moon Prism Power.

      • I actually swapped for Shiro Cosmetics Rick Rolled, but haven’t used it yet! I’m not sure if that’s what you’re talking about lol. See I’m super stingy and only shop indie companies when they have big sales loll.

        YEEEEEAH makeup. If you email me at blishful@gmail.com, we can exchange phone numbers so you can hit me up when you’re in NY!

        AAAAAAUND I’m so sorry to hear about the actual details of the condition =/ You’ve certainly got my prayers like I said before and I hope that the surgery goes well. You also bruise really easily right?

        Oh damn girl, I’m sad for you about phamexpo, I really want to go someday too!

      • Oh I wish I had seen sooner, I was pretty free friday, now we’re going a billion places until we leave. I’m trying to get to some makeup stores. πŸ™‚ I need to make another trip sooner rather than 5 years later. I used to come at least every couples years. *sigh*

      • Aww I’m so sad maybe next time things will plan out better haha. I do hope you had a wonderful trip here though and I look forward to reading all about it on your blog!

        I can imagine what you’re going through though – I go through NYC withdrawal myself sometimes and I only live like an hour and a half away. Since graduating, I’m not in the city nearly enough for me.

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