Blog Everyday In May – Day 24 – My Worst Traits

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

It’s the middle of June, LOLWUT. Sorry for the delay, you all already know why, and I do hope you understand. Even now, I’m relying on the fact that I’ve memorized the keyboard to aid me in typing this, because as I look at the screen and pretend to see what I’m doing, I must confess that I cannot see these words. I may or may not stick the laptop closer to my face later and double-check for typos, but oh well. Maybe I won’t.

My top three worst traits…..

One. I am dramatic

This is somthing I have been told several times, and almost always by boyfriends as they break up with me. I suppose they are right – I do tend to overreact sometimes and the littlest thing can piss me off. For example, right now, I am extremely miffed at a supposed “best friend” who has yet to show her face at my house to check in on how I am doing since my corneal cross-linking on the 7th. I think I have every right to be mad, she lives only a minute away. Three if the traffic light is red.

Two. I am bossy/stubborn

Sometimes, this is to my advantage, because at least I am able to get shit done. But sometimes when I am in a team, I instinctively try to take charge and if there is another headstrong member, conflict may or may not arise. I expect things to get done efficiently and am annoyed when they aren’t. I cannot stand people who are sluggish or do not contribute to the group effort. I am not afraid of confrontation, but sometimes this bites me in the ass when I blurt out what I am thinking, sometimes with no regards to the other person’s feelings.

Three. I have an obsessive(ish) personality

I don’t mean that I am a stalker, just so things are clear from the start. I am, however, a sucker who can never let go sometimes. I started Neopets when I was in 4th grade and have tried numerous times over the years to quit.but here I am, finished with college, still playing the Altador Cup like a madwoman because I bot bored and decided to log in again…SMH.

They are little things here and there, but once I latch onto an interest, it is never a fleeting fad. Consider: A career as a lawyer, nail polish, nail art, dunkin donuts iced mocha lattes, and devotion to best friends.

Now if only I could feel the same away about fitness….


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